Back Market: give a refurbished iPhone 11 or smartphone for Christmas

Undecided about the Christmas present? Why not give a smartphone such as an iPhone 11 as a gift? Indeed, the price can be scary, but thanks to the refurbished products for sale on Back Market, you can save up to 70%! Let’s see the details!

With the holidays just around the corner, there is obviously a rush for Christmas gifts and very often you don’t even know what to give. Electronic products are always very popular, especially by the youngest. Why not give a new smartphone as a gift? Of course there is a big stumbling block to overcome that is the high cost of these devices, especially in the high-end market such as iPhone 11. Thanks to Back Market, however, you will have the opportunity to buy some refurbished smartphones at a very expensive price cheap. But what does refurbished mean?

Back Market: give a refurbished iPhone 11 or smartphone for Christmas

Back Market: Refurbished iPhones and smartphones

On Back Market you can buy smartphones such as iPhone 11 at a price up to 70% lower than the list price. In fact, Back Market is the leader in the refurbished market with thousands of products including smartphones, PCs and household appliances from the most famous brands such as Apple, Huawei, Nintendo, Dyson and more! The secret of this success is precisely the enormous value for money typical of refurbished products.

All refurbished products for sale in the Back Market marketplace are in fact checked by experts certified to guarantee quality like new. The portal collaborates with over 1000 industry experts who check the devices before putting them on sale. the technicians verify the aesthetic integrity and performance of the devices before putting them on sale, classifying them into three status categories: “Good”, “Very Good” or “As New”. Furthermore, the entire process that brings the products to the virtual shelves of the online store is continuously checked to ensure that the collaborators adhere to the pre-established quality standards.

Back Market: give a refurbished iPhone 11 or smartphone for Christmas

The refurbished is worthwhile!

We understand that essentially the refurbished product is checked and certified to function like a new one. The huge advantage is the price that can be reduced from 30% to 70% compared to the official list price. For example, an iPhone 11 would cost 619 euros, but on the Back Market you can find it for 445 euros. A nice saving! The same goes for dozens of refurbished smartphone models.

Still not convinced? That’s not all! In fact, the refurbished products for sale in the online store have a minimum one year warranty and can be returned within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied for some reason. Paying is very simple and it is also possible to proceed with the installment of the amount.

Furthermore, by purchasing a refurbished smartphone you contribute to recycling and therefore to reduce pollution and the amount of waste In circulation. In this moment of ecological transition, every little action is important to lend a hand to the environment and to future generations. Basically there are a thousand reasons to buy your Christmas gifts on Back Market, so what are you waiting for? That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!