Bard: dopo l'annuncio di Google Alphabet perde il 7% in borsa thumbnail

Bard: after the announcement of Google Alphabet loses 7% in the stock market

Google’s announcement of Bard’s launch came just a few days ago, but ChatGTP’s rival just caused the company to lose 7% of its stock price. And all because of a mistake.

What happened with Bard, Google?

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Alphabet, a company that includes Google, lost 7% on the stock after a mistake made by Bard during a public presentation. The artificial intelligence system put in place to compete with ChatGPT has essentially reported a series of inaccurate information regarding the James Webb Space Telescope.

The complaint came directly from astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts, but what did Bard say that caused him to lose even 7% on the stock market?

Just like ChatGPT, Google Bard should greatly simplify the search for information online, making it immediate and simplified. In the presentation post published by the Google CEO himself on the company’s blog, the artificial intelligence system can be seen explaining the use of the James Webb telescope to a 9-year-old boy.

Bard James Webb

Of the explanation provided by Bard, the experts focused on the last point, which is actually wrong: “The JWST has taken the first ever photos of a planet outside our solar system. These distant worlds are called “exoplanets”. Eso means “from the outside”“.

In reality, as can be read on the European Southern Observatory website, the first photo of an exoplanet dates back to 2004, taken by the VLT (Very Large Telescope) from its location in the Atacama desert, in Chile.

Bard’s blunder easily hit the headlines as protests from industry insiders and enthusiasts went straight to Twitter. And you know, when something becomes public domain through social media, the domino effect is guaranteed. In fact, it was Alphabet who paid the consequences, with a painful stock market crash.

Google is currently engaged in an intense testing phase on Bard and it seems to be already working to avoid (or at least reduce) errors similar to those made with the James Webb Space Telescope.

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