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Berlin: here is the release date of the spin-off

After the success of La Casa di Carta, the Berlin series debuts on Netflix, the release date and the plot have recently been revealed

It had been enthusiastically received by fans, then information circulated about it Berlin, spin-off of House of Cards, there have been very few, now finally the new series has a release date and a plot. Let’s find out.

The plot

No wonder Netflix has decided to devote an entire series just to Berlin. The character, played by Peter Alonso, he is in fact one of the most popular and, although the public is divided between those who hate him and those who love him, he is undeniably one of the most iconic members of the Professor’s gang, for better or for worse. The news of a spin-off dedicated to his character has in fact rekindled the enthusiasm of the fans, who are anxiously waiting to be able to relive the events of the robber again.

In this new series dedicated to him, we will find Berlin, at the time still simply Andrés de Fonollosa, at the height of his life, before the events that brought him into the State Mint, but already obsessed with love and money. Here he will be grappling with a robbery focused on 44 million dollars worth of jewels. All obviously in the company of a gang: at his side we will find Keila, an expert in electronic engineering, Damián a sort of “new professor” and mentor of Berlin and Cameron, a girl who lives a life on the edge, regardless of the consequences. In this new coup, Berlin will also have the support of his trusted friend Roi and the impetuous Bruce.

Berlin will again be played by the Spanish actor Peter Alonso. In the cast we will find Michelle Jenner (Keila), Tristan Ulloa (Damián) and begona vargas (Cameron). Alongside them too Pena Fernandez (Roi) and Joel Sanchez (Bruce). In Berlin we will find the same authors of La Casa di Carta, Alex Pina creator of the latter ed Esther Martinez Lobatocreator of some episodes.

Berlin: the release date

Recently, fans of the series have been able to relive the emotions and deceive the wait for this spin-off thanks to La Casa di Carta: Corea. Sadly though, the Berlin release date isn’t expected anytime soon. In fact, we are talking about December 2023, without any precise date, for now. The announcement was made in a brief teaser which we report below.

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