I videogiochi migliori di Batman: a tu per tu con l

Batman: The Best Batman Video Games

On the occasion of the cinema release of the new film by Batmanwe have compiled a list of some of the best video games dedicated to the batman, to help you step into the role of the masked hero of Gotham City. The videogame adventures of Batman are many, but in this selection we have listed only those that we consider most suggestive.

The best Batman video games

Batman Arkham Origins

Let’s start this list with a very particular video game: Batman Arkham Originsan intermediate title in the series of Arkham and which was developed by a studio outside WB Montreal. The game is configured as an adventure rather different from the canons of that line of video games dedicated to Batman, given that it presents a much more contained narrative and an interpretation of the Joker really well done.

Batman best video games

The game however was not without weaknesses, like a plot with more than a plot hole and a terribly empty open world structure, showing the side to all the various problems of the reference genre, but on the other hand it was 2013 and the concept of open world had not yet been of the customs clearance.

Batman Arkham Knight

Let’s go straight to the latest game in the series Arkham, released in 2015 and unlike its predecessors, it was a truly amazing video game for the time it came out. Particularly worthy of praise was the surrender of Gotham Citycomplete with new generation particles and graphics that made the humid streets of the city almost palpable, and fascinating as never before.

Batman best video games

Net of a management of the Batmobile which could have been implemented much better, the game featured several very interesting ideas such as a myriad of new gadgets and a really well-structured storyline, which brings almost all the most iconic batman villains back to the screen. The puzzles are also very effective, for all those who appreciate them, and which could turn out to be real puzzles.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Let’s now take a step back in time to go to Arkham Asylumfor many still the masterpiece Rocksteady released way back in August of 2009. This game is regarded not only as one of the best Batman games, but as one of the most successful titles starring a superhero in general, obviously considering the period in which it came out, as it inspired almost every one released after that time.

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Its strong point is undoubtedly that of being a product that does not only aim to be a good one transposition of the cartoon of reference, but also has to tell a good story in a broader sense, goal centered in full, given that we are faced with one of the best structured stories seen in the medium.

Clearly at the level of gameplay we are not at the levels of the chapters that came later, for a mere question of time and experience of the software house, but the general picture is undoubtedly commendable even today.

Batman The Telltale Series

How not to mention the series of graphic adventures by Batman developed by Telltale? A real daydream for all those who wish to experience the iconic comic scenes firsthand in an authentic cartoon direction. The first episode of the series is particularly successful and brings the authentic atmosphere of comic books to the player’s consoles.

Gioco Steam Batman The Enemy Within The Telltale Series Wallpaper 4 1024x576

During the adventure we will get to know the most iconic characters of the series, including Harvey Dent, the cat woman and many others.

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