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Mobilize brings electric car sharing to Modena

Mobilize lancia a Modena a service of 100% electric car sharing, which supports the energy transition of another important Italian municipality and provides a smart service. And it does so by working with the historian Franciosi dealerwhich from 1 March launches the service with 15 ZOE E-Tech Electric.

Mobilize launches an electric car sharing service in Modena

Thanks to the contribution of the Renault Group, the electric car sharing service in Emilia-Romagna is expanded with Mobilize Share. The municipality of Modena has put a 13 dedicated stations available to car sharing Mobilize. Stations where they can pick up and deliver the cars comfortably 24/7, with the certainty of always finding a parking area at the end of the race.

With the Mobilize Share app you can find the car and evaluate if it is available by booking your car trip with the modality station based one trip. In this way you can return your car to dedicated parking lots in the city, without having to look for a place.

Mobilize Share Modena by Franciosi (1)-minPrimo Franciosi, owner of Concessionaria Franciosi and Denis Fragnoli, EV Key Account Manager Italy

The Franciosi Concessionaire will monitor the 15 ZOE so that they are always ready to go. In fact you will always find the charged battery and the cars clean e sanitized.

Profitable and sustainable

In addition to the advantages of having a car always ready for use, you can take advantage of the free parking in the city. And also the possibility to take the preferential lanes and the free access to the ZTL. Mobilize has already allowed its users to travel over 200,000 km green. And now it also arrives in Modena, thanks to the Renault Group and the Franciosi Dealership.

Primo Franciosi, owner of the Franciosi dealership, comments: “We are proud to be one of the first dealerships of the Renault group to launch this project in Italy and above all to offer the city of Modena a 100% electric mobility service, active 24/7. It is an ambitious project, which combines our many years of experience in the car sector with technological innovation and changing mobility needs.

Edmondo Pietranera, Head of Mobilize, adds: “We are proud to support this modern and sustainable mobility initiative in Modena, it is a city that has always been able to combine its historical origins in a territory to be respected and valued, with its vocation as a city of innovation.

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