Marvel’s Avengers: In the Spider-Man DLC, the story will not be told via missions

Contrary to what happened for Hawkeye and Black Panther, in the Marvel’s Avengers DLC there will be no missions that will tell the story of Spider-Man

Instead of a short-lived single-player campaign with quick-completion missions, in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers DLC the story of Spider-Man will be told to the player no longer via missions, but with numerous audio log e cutscenes illustrated. The latter will be unlocked once the challenges within the classic multiplayer mode Avengers Initiative. As they unlock, these insight narratives will reveal the new plans ofAIM in an effort to upgrade their army of android.

No missions related to the main story in the Marvel’s Avengers DLC dedicated to Spider-Man

Il Gameplay Director, Philippe Therien, explains the team’s choice in undertaking this direction. In fact, it was preferred to focus on contents that were appreciated by all, for this reason, the productive efforts have been directed to the development of raid di Klaw which will be available in the same period exit. The Director adds that the decision has been made ever since from the beginning and that there have been no second thoughts. Given the absence of missions story contained in the DLC from Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, it was consequently not advertised like the previous DLCs personages.

Marvel's Avengers: In the Spider-Man DLC, the story will not be told via missions

The difference with the others is then explained. If the DLC with Kate Bishop e Hawkeye was presented as Operations, and the one dedicated to Black Panther (War for Wakanda) represented a expansion of the title, Crystal Dynamics calls the upcoming Spider-Man content a “Hero Event“. A bit like in Rainbow Six Siege or League of Legends, even here the “Hero Event” is to be seen more like the addition of a personage. Recall that the Spider-Man update will arrive on November 30.

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