Battlefield 2042: no Santa Claus skin, at least “for now”

“Ho, ho, NO”: nothing done for the skin dedicated to Santa Claus in Battlefield 2042, previously the center of a particular leak.

According to the official account of Battlefield 2042 on Twitter, the skin inspired by Santa Claus will not be available. The DICE development team’s priority appears not to be to drive the sled laden with gifts onto the battlefield. “Developing a Live Service”, reads the post, “requires that we work months in advance, and allows us to have options once we reach the key moments of our first year.” The implication of DICE, therefore, is that the cosmetic elements are nothing more than options. As such, the development team may very well decide not to opt for them.

Santa Claus from the sleigh skin does not donate, the leakers of Battlefield 2042 can beat them

“Today”, concludes the Battlefield 2042 development team, “we have other priorities, and although the skins are there, we don’t intend to use them all in this period”: strange, therefore, not to include Santa Claus. If anything, DICE intends to adorn the game tree with other decorations: “unique aesthetic elements to be used only once in the game’s portal modes”, thus establishing that cosmetic elements linked to a specific modality they will also see each other in the future. Players won’t be able to re-enact The Night Santa Went Crazy by “Weird Al” Yankovic, but that doesn’t mean DICE’s surprises will end there.

As you can see above, starting with December 6 players will be able to complete objectives to obtain new skins and weapons. Each week, there will be a new one to unlock until the first “season” proper. The game’s launch was tumultuous to say the least, including a bug that made servers inaccessible. However, the updates are certainly not finished and, if nothing else, they will keep us company for the whole month. Certainly, Electronic Arts places full trust in the franchise, given the publisher’s plans to expand the narrative universe in the future. In short, many grenades are still waiting for us hanging on the tree …

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