Battlefield 2042: the beta build would date back to early September

According to a rumor that disproves the claims of DICE, the recent open beta of Battlefield 2042 was actually an early September build.

The Battlefield 2042 open beta was played by many users. However, there was no lack of criticism. The reactions of the fans in fact were different, from those who pointed out the presence of performance problems, bugs and missing features, to those who appreciated the news, such as the excellent shooting and the addition of atmospheric events. The relevant news concerns a report by GamingIntel, in which the insider Tom Henderson revealed that actually the build of the beta from Battlefield 2042 it would be dated no later than the middle of September.

According to Tom Henderson, the Battlefield 2042 beta build would be dated early September

Contradicting the statements of the same DICE a few days ago, apt to apologize by problems noticed by the players, Henderson reveals that theopen beta from Battlefield 2042 it would actually be one build relating to first half of September and not old of “different months”. Going through the beta settings, you can see the date September 20, 2021. That doesn’t mean the build dates back to that specific date, but which have not been made since that date changes. At this point it is legitimate to ask why postpone it?

Battlefield 2042: the beta build would date back to early September

According to Henderson, the answer lies in the fact that SAYS would have been heavy problems of stability with different builds of the game. So, DICE hasn’t released new material of the game all these months, not because he didn’t want to, but because he could not. This would confirm many things, including the lack of gameplay to the Gamescom at the end of August. The release of Battlefield 2042, despite everything, it is scheduled for November 19 for all consoles and PCs. Also according to Henderson, there shouldn’t be further postponements. If in doubt, take this information with caution.

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