Google Cloud announces the general availability of BigQuery Omni

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At the annual event Cloud Next, Google announced the availability general from BigQuery Omni, the multi-cloud data analytics solution. The service allows you to use the classic BigQuery interface also to search on different clouds, including those of Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Google Cloud announces the general availability of BigQuery Omni

Google cannot hide the fact that many companies now use a multi-cloud system, with different services depending on the needs. For this reason, it has developed a service capable of analyzing all data silos, regardless of where they are located. As he explains to TechCrunch Gerrit Kazmaier, VP & GM for Databases, Analytics & Looker, cross-cloud analytics is “the ultimate in simplicity, because you no longer need to think about where to move your data and all the repetitions and redundancies that come with it”.

Many Google CLoud users are already taking advantage of these new capabilities. Including for example Johnson & Johnson, which combines data from Google Cloud with those of S3 servers on AWS. Or Electronic Arts in the gaming world, which uses them to combine advertising with in-game purchase data.

From today this function becomes available to everyone. And by the end of the year, Google announces it will be too Dataplex, which allows companies to manage, monitor and govern data through data lakes and warehouses. A further recognition that companies now work in multicloud.

Combining multiple cloud services into one system is usually expensive and leads to problems and inaccuracies. Google’s approach, on the other hand, is to bring together the various services and manage them within GCP, the same approach they took to managing clusters Governors with Anthos.

A simplification, which takes advantage of what Google can do better than anyone else: search. Everywhere.