Battlefield 6: that’s when we can see the first official trailer

EA has finally announced a date for the Battlefield 6 unveiling event, we may soon see the first trailer for the game

In a few days we will finally be able to take a first look (most likely with a trailer) at the next one Battlefield, the highly anticipated chapter 6 of the famous shooter saga of SHE e DICE. Well yes, after an endless succession of rumors arriving more or less monthly, Electronic Arts has finally decided and has just given a date to the promised revelation of one of its next flagship titles. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Battlefield 6: soon we should see the first trailer, here’s how the game will be according to the rumors

The next game, which appears to be simply titled Battlefield (and not Battlefield 6 as many have speculated so far), will be unveiled on Wednesday June 9, the hope, is clearly to see a first trailer of gameplay, also because, according to all the various leakers who have previously dealt with the game in question, the times should be really ripe.

The presentation stream will air on the channel YouTube Battlefield Officer at hours 16:00. Today’s news came only with the short teaser that we post above. The latter was posted on Battlefield’s social media channels. There are a lot of things we still don’t know about the highly anticipated next game in the series (pretty much everything). This teaser suggests that it will be called Battlefield, rather than Battlefield 6, but we will wait until the full reveal before we start calling it that.

The upcoming Battlefield is EA’s big Christmas season title for this year. The game is in development at four EA studios, led by the core team of DICE Sweden. The title was recently confirmed for PS4 e Xbox One, but obviously it will be aimed primarily at platforms PS5 e Xbox Series X/S, along with the evergreen PC. Most rumors agree that several key components should be present in the title in question battle royale (more details here).

As for the setting, however, we should be able to play in a futuristic setting full of rockets ready to blast through the skies of the maps. Clearly, take all this alleged information with a grain of salt for now.

We will keep you updated on all future developments in this regard. In the meantime, always stay tuned to for all the news and curiosities from the world of gaming and beyond. Lastly, for the video game download codes at discounted prices we invite you to take a look at the store.

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