Garmin and BikerX: signed a new agreement for satellite localization

The two realities join forces: from motorbike navigators to GPS watches, driver safety and a passion for outdoor sports are the founding pillars of this new partnership. In addition, BikerX members will receive a discount for Garmin-branded purchases

BikerX signs a new prestigious partnership with Garmin, which will make available to the school of safe driving on two wheels a wide range of products, from navigators to GPS wristwatches. In full consistency with the principles pursued by BikerX, Garmin motorcycle navigators are designed by putting driver safety first, as they are equipped with hands-free calls, inReach satellite communication, traffic information data, weather forecasts and rider alerts that indicate approaching dangerous turns, speed changes and speed cameras along the route. Eliana Macrì, president of BikerX, commented:

We are happy to have at our side a precious ally like Garmin for 2021. We immediately reflected in the values ​​of honesty, integrity and respect that the company shares, because they are precisely the same dictates that a motorcyclist should follow both in the saddle and in the life. With our courses, in addition to offering the correct notions to drive safely and have control of your vehicle, we aim to do exactly this: to pass on a philosophy and a way of relating to motorcycles applicable in any area of ​​everyday life.

Garmin and BikerX: together to offer a better service

Garmin navigators are excellent travel companions both for those who love to enjoy the scenic roads with the right playlist in their ears and for adventure lovers, as they are equipped with a robust construction, resistant to weather, UV rays and fuel vapors. Not only that: for lovers of hairpin bends, it is possible to select the most curvy roads for maximum fun.

Garmin and BikerX: signed a new agreement for satellite localization

As for GPS watches, on the other hand, you can choose from cutting-edge devices designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, models from lightweight design with integrated workout and monitoring programs for all those who are not afraid of fatigue; as well as modern and elegant smartwatches, for those who want to keep fit without sacrificing style. Stefano Viganò, CEO of Garmin Italy comments:

Garmin is undoubtedly synonymous with passion. But to live it to the fullest, whatever the sport or outdoor activity we love, we must not forget an absolutely essential aspect, namely safety. From hiking to running, from cycling to motorcycling, as in this case, our tools have functions to accompany and assist our user. We are therefore very proud of the partnership with BikerX, with which we can only share the attention to conscious driving.

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