Battlefield 6: The game will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One

After the recent rumors about an unprecedented graphics sector and environmental destructibility, confirmation arrives that Battlefield 6 will also be available for PS4 and Xbox One

In recent weeks, there has been discussions about whether the next chapter in the Battlefield saga story could skip the release on old gen platforms and arrive only on PS5 and Xbox Series X. In this regard, recently EA CEO Andrew Wilson announced that Battlefield 6 will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One. In fact, during a last year’s revenue report, he stated that Battlefield will be available on both next gen consoles and old gen, as well as other sports titles of SHE.

Battlefield 6 has also been released for PS4 and Xbox One

Wilson added that the most important reflections during development were made about the nature of the gameplay. That is, what could have been done to remain loyal to the brand, how could the new physics be exploited, theartificial intelligence and the immersive nature of the title. In the case of Battlefield, how can you respect the many fans and fans by getting truly “Battlefield” moments from the new game. These results are only possible in the context of a higher one power of the new consoles. However, Wilson responds to the old gen performance criticism by reiterating that the stock performance gap between current gen and old gen is always been handled just fine.

Battlefield 6: The game will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One

This, Wilson reiterates, thanks to the incredible work of all team. Furthermore, he claims that the new titles coming out on next gen will be extraordinary. The reason is to be found in the advances made with the proprietary engine Frostbite, combined with the power of new consoles and improvements in the digital ecosystem. For now, we await the official announcement that the next one will arrive June. Recall that Battelfield 6 is scheduled for this winter for current gen consoles as well as PS4 and Xbox One. Additionally, the game will have its own battle royale mode, as well as epic battles on a large scale.

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