Battlefield: the next episode could arrive in 2024

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The next episode of the Battlefield series seems to be coming in two years: the insiders invite to mark 2024 on the calendars

As George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948, the exchange of figures now reminds us Battlefield 2042 and the way the next episodeaccording to the insiders, you look slated for 2024. The latest son of the saga dates back to last November, but the numerous patches that followed have not really solved all the problems. Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilsonrecently spoke of a long-term vision for this title. Wilson also praised the new development path. In fact, it’s time to take care of the franchise Vince Zampella.

The next episode doesn’t come suddenly, no Battlefield before 2024

Those who expect the next Battlefield in a short time will have to hold out until 2024, according to rumors circulating about the episode. Wilson said last year there would be two years of waiting, openly suggesting 2023 as the release year. The sources of the insider Tom Henderson, however, they would call themselves surprises if that were the case. Henderson reported this in his latest contribution to WhatIfGaming. This assumption therefore points to a hypothetical exit in two years, although at the moment there is nothing 100% certain. We let you consult Henderson’s tweet.

DICE and Electronic Arts have not yet confirmed anything, and the same goes for Vince Zampella. Henderson previously reported that the next chapter would be a hero shooter. However, the insider then corrected the pitch, revealing that DICE is working on the new title. According to him, the setting of this new stage for the franchise would be modern, if not with a near future theme. Also, more importantly, Henderson suggests that the less popular changes from Battlefield 2042 will be discarded. We’ll see what the consequences will be for Specialists and 128-player battles.

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