Panasonic announces new 2022 TVs

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Panasonic today presented the new range of OLED and LED TVs for 2022with screens ranging from 42 to 77 inches. Lots of technological innovations, such as the modality Game Control Board for gamers. And for movie buffs buying an OLED model there’s Hollywood-grade brightness and color tuning made with Stefan Sonnefeld. And much more.

Panasonic OLED and LED TVs for 2022: all models on the way

Plenty of news coming this year for Panasonic, which presents a wide range of OLED TVs for 2022. All TVs that have the typical qualities of OLED, with exceptional contrast, deep blacks and an absolute level of color rendering. Both 42-inch and 77-inch ones have the best of technology proudly developed in Japan by the brand. So that everyone can enjoy this technology.

The top of the range e series arrive LZ2000 (in cuts of 77 “, 65”, 55 “), LZ1500 (65”, 55”, 48”, 42”), LZ1000 (65”, 55”) e LZ980 (65 “, 55”, 48 “, 42”). The first two models use panels Master OLED Prowhile LZ1000 uses i Master OLED. But they all have the processor HCX Pro AI e modes such as True Cinema, Cinema, Filmmaker and Professional, to fully enjoy every detail.

The Core LED range includes instead LX940 (75”, 65”, 55”, 49”, 43”) e LX800 (75 “, 65”, 55 “, 50”, 43 “), products designed especially for gamers and sports enthusiasts, or for those who want to play films during the day using the brightness of the LED displays.

Panasonic LX940 LED

Panasonic 2022 TVs are for both gamers and film buffs

At the press release event, Panasonic showed how 2022 OLED TVs and the LX940 LED model use the new Game Mode Extreme. Some gamers have explained to us why this mode can make a difference, especially by connecting the new generation consoles with HDMI 2.1. This allows you to take full advantage of theat 4K resolution and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

With the Game Control Board you can also have all the settings under control to enhance your gaming experience, with an overlay directly on the scene. Plus there’s AMD FreeSync Premium certified support for zero latency, with a 60Hz for OLEDs and 120Hz for LX940 LEDs.

LZ1500 room interior minPanasonic LZ1500 OLED

The HCX Pro AI processor also allows you to support image optimization, taking advantage of the Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode to enjoy the best TV series and films. Panasonic also partnered with Stefan Sonnenfeldfounder and CEO of Company 3. Sonnenfeld has worked as a colorist for the best directors in the world and calibrated Panasonic TVs of 2022 with Hollywood precision.

Great attention then to the audio, with the Dolby Atmos at 360° for the LZ2000 series. On the other hand, the LZ1500 OLEDs (only the 65 “and 55” formats) use the Dolby Atmos of o “Dynamic Cinema Surround Pro”, with the other OLEDs that use Cinema Surround Pro. The LX940 series works with technology “Cinema Surround”, While LX800 TVs have a system “Surround Sound”.

All panels use the latest version of My Home Screen 7.0 as an operating system, with LX800 LED which instead uses Android TV.

OLED TV series LZ2000, LZ1500, LZ1000, LZ980 and LX940 LED series are coming in the month of July. The LX800 LED series will be available starting in the month of September.

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The LX650 and LX600 4K Ultra HD LED TV Series

Panasonic also announced the arrival of two really interesting products: TV LED 4K Ultra HD LX650which uses Android TV, and LX600 with a Linux operating system. Both take advantage of Dolby Vision technology to show spectacular detail in 4K. They also support popular HDR standards such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. Both have a Dolby Atmos sound system.

The two models offer the possibility to use all the most popular streaming platforms such as Disney +, Netflix or Prime Video, but also YouTube, Twitch and other apps on Google Play Store like TikTok. LX650 has the technology Chromecast builtinwhile on the LX600 you can use both Google and Alexa for voice commands.

The modality automatic low latency (ALLM) and HDMI 2.1 port make them perfect for connecting consoles and computers for those who want to play. Both will arrive in Italy in June.

Panasonic TV 2022: entertainment even in a small format

We close with two very interesting televisions, which offer the best of Android TV in a smaller format. Panasonic LS490 (Full HD) e LS480 (HD) come in 32-inch and even 24-inch formats (for LS480). However, you can watch all the series in streaming, connect peripherals via Bluetooth and access the internet with WiFi.

From the remote control you can also use the Google assistant and take advantage of the functionality Chromecast built-in to watch content from a smartphone or PC. The great brightness and good picture quality make them great TVs for those with limited space. They arrive at June.

You can find more information about all these products on the Panasonic official website.

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