Bayonetta 3, Kamiya speaks: “it is not up to us to decide when to show the first gameplay”

“Proceeding well” this is all that is known about the development of Bayonetta 3, for now, however, no gameplay, word of Hideki Kamiya

PlatinumGames has updated fans on Bayonetta 3, stating that development continues as planned, but that the release of more details about the game (if any gameplay inclusive) is not part of the decision-making scope of the study. In an interview with VGC, the creator of Bayonetta, Hideki Kamiya, said the study is “proud“Of the work he has done on Bayonetta 3. However, despite previously claiming that fans could see more of the game this year, Kamiya has remained cautious in announcing when fans might expect a reveal, noting that the decision to show it ultimately rests with Nintendo. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Bayonetta 3, once again “development is progressing well” but it is still early for gameplay

The last interview by Kamiya to the virtual microphones of the VGC site is rather full-bodied, as always, at the center of the speeches Bayonetta 3 and the first possible ones gameplay of the game in question. We have selected for you the salient passages of the statements of the well-known game designer and we propose them below:

If you remember the last time, I said that even though everyone was asking about Bayonetta 3, maybe you should tell everyone to forget about it for a while. I need to hold this position for now because in the end, it is not our decision what to say and when to say it.

Bayonetta 3, Kamiya speaks: "it is not up to us to decide when to show the first gameplay"

Bayonetta 3 was originally announced at The Game Awards 2017, where a short teaser trailer of the title was shown. However, since then, nothing has been showcased since the third installment of the series. Elsewhere in the interview, Kamiya spoke further about how the studio is keen to show fans the highly anticipated title:

As much as everyone is clamoring to see it, we too can’t wait to show it. Everyone who is working on the project is obviously very proud of what we are doing and they want everyone to see what we are doing. As much as the fans are waiting for it, we are waiting for the day when we can show it. We want everyone to applaud us as we make our final efforts. We really want to show it to you too!

Considering the general silence surrounding the game, it wouldn’t be too unrealistic for fans to wonder if this is due to problems in its development. However, the CEO of the PlatinumGames studio, Atsushi Inaba, he reassured fans by talking to VGC and claiming that “everything is going well“. In June, Nintendo upped the ante by stating that Bayonetta 3 was “progressing well” despite its absence from the game.E3 2021. Nintendo’s Bill Trinen said: “We like to show things when we’re ready to show them. And of course, we like to show things when the developers are ready to show them.

We will keep you updated on all future developments in this regard. In the meantime, always stay tuned to for all the news and curiosities from the world of gaming and beyond. Lastly, for the video game download codes at discounted prices we invite you to take a look at the store.

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