Be Free EVO is born, the first long-term subscription of Leasys

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Leasys, brand Stellantis and subsidiary of FCA Bank, launches Be Free EVO, the unprecedented formula for long-term rentals, up to 24 months, managed with the flexibility of a short-term rental. Mobility reaches a new evolutionary stage: after long-term rental and car subscription, today the first long-term subscription.

Be Free EVO, Leasys’ first long-term subscription

Inspired by the subscription economy trend, the new Leasys solution is completely digital, without advance and easily accessible. In fact, to sign it just a credit card with which to pay the fixed monthly fee.

Be Free EVO is dedicated to individuals, freelancers and companies. The subscription allows you to choose a car, even a plug-in hybrid or electric, and get on with it guide after 48 hours. Plus, users have the option to return it after the first month without penalties.

There are currently five models available: the electric ones New Fiat 500 e Opel Corsa-e (389 euros per month) the hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe (479 euros), theOpel Corsa (279 euros) and the Fiat 500X (379 euros). The fixed fee, with a maximum duration of two years, includes i first 1,500 km of travel. To the latter it is also possible to add another 1,500 on demand in the version Plus.

Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank Group and Chairman of Leasys, said:

Be Free EVO represents the new frontier of mobility, an ideal synthesis of the increasingly widespread trends in disownership, subscription economy and sustainability: it is estimated that by 2025 global revenues from leasing and rentals will reach 500 billion dollars. FCA Bank and Leasys have interpreted these trends by launching a subscription product that combines innovation and maximum flexibility, with a view to peace of mind: long-term rental has never been so smart, digital and simple.

How to register?

Signing up is very simple. All you have to do is buy the voucher starting from 199 € for the chosen car model, available on Amazon or at one of over 200 Leasys Mobility Store enabled. Then you have to register via the official website e pay the fee for the first month rental.

After two days it will be possible to drive the desired car.

Be Free EVO is also available in Plus version. This version allows you to extend the mileage limit from 1,500 km base to 3,000 km and to add a package that includes, starting from € 79 per month, the Super Cover Cover and the additional driver.

Paolo Manfreddi, CEO of Leasys Rent, who spoke with Giacomo Carelli at the presentation at The Village by Crédit Agricole Milano, he has declared:

The arrival of Be Free EVO, the first long-term subscription payable by credit card, completes the range of Leasys formulas inspired by the subscription economy, which today boasts the CarCloud, CarBox and FlexRent products and over 20,000 total registered customers. . An important result, the result of our ability to interpret the needs of customers, giving them the freedom to choose the type of car, the place of collection and time constraints.