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Beat Saber: announced for PlayStation VR2

Many new titles were announced at CES 2023 coming to PS5 and Beat Saber is one of them, coming to PlayStation VR2

In addition to Gran Turismo 7 on PS5, Sony announced at CES 2023 that Beat Saber it will also come up PlayStation VR2. The developer confirmed this on Twitter, though it’s unclear if it will launch alongside the VR headset next month or you will have to wait longer. Beat Saber is one of the most loved games in the rhythm genre and has already won the hearts of millions of gamers. Seeing him in action again on PlayStation VR2 is sure to be a memorable experience for all fans.

Beat Saber approda su PlayStation VR2!

While coming to PlayStation VR2 shortly, Beat Saber was already released in May 2019 for PlayStation VR and PC. The title sees the player use lightsabers controlled by our movement for affe light blocks to the beat of the music. In addition to the different positions for the blocks to be hit, which require various movements and angles that establish the direction of the cut, it is also necessary to physically move to avoid you are a bomb. Various new mechanics have been added over the years, including a level editor to allow players to create new missions to take on.

As of February 2021, Beat Saber has outsold four million copies making it a cult of the rhythmic genre. It has also sold over 40 million songs through paid DLC. While Meta currently owns Beat Games, the developer currently remains independent. We just have to wait for more information on this title and the news that this new version for PlayStation VR2 will have.

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