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Dell Concept Nyx: the innovative controller presented at CES 2023

New level for Dell’s Concept Nyx that radically changes the concept of controller and the way to play

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie, while your partner, child or roommate would like to continue playing Fortnite? We’ve all been there. The living room, and especially the space in front of the screen, not only brings families together, but becomes their “battlefield”. The team Dell (here for more info) dedicated to Experience Innovation has changed the mold of the PC gaming experience by introducing Concept Nyx. It allows for easier access to libraries across multiple devices and screens, so gamers can move their gaming sessions between home devices effortlessly.

Dell Concept Nyx: the innovative controller presented at CES 2023

Dell’s new Concept Nyx controller: the idea

The keyboard and mouse have long been staples in PC games, especially in real-time strategy or massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Then came the console-like controllers: simple and with a “sofa” design, but which weren’t perfect in terms of control. A better controller was needed, rethought and designed for the needs of modern gamers. The first designs were a bit of a gamble: extremely customized, with tons of buttons, sensors and even a modular design that could be taken apart and customized for each game. then the question arose: What if the controller recognized the individual user, so as to project him directly to the point where he left the game? What if the controller auto-optimized depending on the type of game you’re playing? From these considerations, the Concept Nyx game controller came to life.

New game “concept”.

It is a concept, not a product. It’s a way to test technologies and define future experience roadmaps. Dell is proud of how many features they managed to add to this prototype. At first glance it might seem like a controller like many others, but by observing it you can discover it unique features, never seen before on a PC game controller. Custom content and settings could be right at your fingertips: an intelligent fingerprint reader that instantly logs you into Guild Wars 2, a button that streams to any device or screen when you point the controller. What else? Use your voice to connect. For immersive play, it’s experimenting with haptics and self-adjusting variable-resistance thumbsticks that can be tailored to player preferences or a specific game. So whether you’re driving a tank or using a bow to hunt robots, sticks or X-triggers could give you sensory feedback.

Dell Concept Nyx: the innovative controller presented at CES 2023

Features of Dell’s new Concept Nyx

In the concept, the must-haves of PC games have also been integrated. Namely the shift buttons for front options, the innovative scroll wheels for easier navigation and rotation of weapons. Plus an intelligent touchpad for instant access to customizable controls; Imagine being able to easily switch from one weapon, armor or potion to another with a quick downward roll of the wheels. We are well aware that sometimes it is difficult to remember the different game commands; for this reason the controller has been combined with fully customizable intelligent controls on the screen. In addition to the possibility of overlaying the button map. Thanks to this feature, it will no longer be necessary to understand if the X key has been assigned to shields or grenades.

Dell’s Concept Nyx ends family tug of war

Let’s forget the fight for using the TV screen! The Wi-Fi connection integrated directly into Concept Nyx will allow you to easily multitask and view messaging apps, email, movies or games on split screens in an intuitive way. But there’s more: by connecting one (or a pair) of wireless headphones, the home gamer will be able to play on half of the screen! While the other half will be used by other family members to watch a movie or even play another game! for everyone’s satisfaction! Improving and by streamlining the Concept Nyx dashboard, it’s now easier to see what friends are playing and accessing games is faster. The possibilities for new shared experiences to bring families and friends closer together were also explored, offering the flexibility to play with and around others in the same room. This is to encourage families to share the gaming experience. Therefore, some innovative tools and dashboards have been developed for parents who want to participate and interact with their children.

Dell Concept Nyx: the innovative controller presented at CES 2023

All play and no work? AI solutions for a hybrid life

Have you ever had the feeling that you have to be in two places at the same time? New models have been tested helping users to find more balance: what if, in addition to the split screen functionality, it were possible to activate an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that answers for us when someone asks us a question, and we are doing something else? What if it were also possible to add captions to calls, to “browse through” them and get more information when answering? Isn’t this a multitasker’s dream? The integration of work and play is real, so we’re working on new ways AI can help you transition seamlessly from activity to activity and space to space.. What’s next for Concept Nyx? Gaming is the benchmark for immersive experiences, and these ideas have been the foundation for developing Concept Nyx’s intelligent ecosystem beyond gaming. Dell wishes they could push the boundaries of intuitive gaming experiences and find some of these ideas in a future portfolio.

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