Beko announces new “slim” appliances

Small spaces? Second homes? Beko has the ideal line for you called “slim” but which has nothing less than the respective larger models

The “slim” appliances they arise from the need to exploit every space to the centimeter in small homes, such as studios or holiday apartments. Beko meets these needs by proposing “compact” solutions such as washing machines and dryers with reduced depth, dishwasher from 45 cm and compact ovens combined that allow you to take advantage of both conventional and microwave cooking.

Choosing a space-saving appliance does not mean giving up high performance, quite the contrary! These solutions, in fact, have nothing to envy to their standard size cousins! Below we show you some proposals signed by Beko.

All the “slim” news from Beko

The lavatrice Slim WUYS61236SI-IT by Beko is pure efficiency because it combines small dimensions, ideal for being able to install it even in the smallest spaces, and a cleaning power that exploits all the potential of steam, guaranteeing -99.99% of allergens and -97.8% of bacteria!

Beko announces new "slim" appliances

L’asciugatrice Slim DRXS722W by Beko incorporates the best technologies to obtain perfect and delicate drying in just 46 cm (* indicates the net depth of the cabinet). In energy class A ++, it allows significant energy savings, while respecting colors and fabrics.

Beko announces new "slim" appliances

DFS28021X of Beko is the Slim dishwasher perfect for those looking for a compact size solution and want to make the most of every inch in the kitchen, without sacrificing the best cleaning performance. Thanks to AquaIntense technology, even the dirtiest and most encrusted dishes will be clean and shiny. Small does not mean not very spacious. The Acrobat system 3 positions allows you to adjust the height of the upper basket on 3 levels to create more space in the lower one, so that even the largest plates, wine glasses or pots can easily find space. And for all those times when pots and pans of different sizes are used to cook, the Support for Easy Fold plates it helps because it creates extra space, transforming and exploiting the space dedicated to dishes in a different way.

Beko announces new "slim" appliances

Finally BCW18500X of Beko is the multifunction oven compact size combination that allows you to obtain cooking results from real chefs. But not only that, thanks to the combination of conventional and microwave cooking it is possible to prepare tasty dishes in half the time and energy.

Beko announces new "slim" appliances

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