Beko “Digital Line”: small but functional microwave ovens

The new “Digital Line” by Beko offers users many new compact microwave ovens, but rich in technology

Here comes the new “Digital Line” of microwave ovens that consists of three models: MGF30330S – MGF2333OS – MGF23330W. Simple to use and intuitive, with various power levels and pre-set programs. A line of products designed to satisfy every need: they defrost quickly and healthily, heat up in a few moments and even churn out crispy fried foods or chocolate bases. You can choose between the double function available “microwave + grill”, to be used individually or in combination, to make any type of dish.

Cook or reheat a tasty plate of lasagna in a few moments, bring a fragrant mixed fry to the table or simply melt some butter or chocolate to complete the preparation of a cake, are all things that can be done with these models of the new “Digital Line ”by Beko. The 8 cooking modes preset allow you to create genuine homemade recipes: with the new Beko microwaves in a few minutes unique dishes with fresh ingredients worthy of a chef! But that’s not all: thanks to their compact size, these microwaves can be easily positioned in any corner of the kitchen, offering a large internal capacity, thanks also to two different sizes of cavities, yes 30L and 23L.

Beko "Digital Line": small but functional microwave ovens

Beko “Digital Line”: technical characteristics of microwave ovens

  • Multiple power levels: Infinite cooking possibilities available: defrost meat quickly and healthily, cook or reheat lasagna in a few moments, churn out a crispy mixed fried or melt chocolate for delicious recipes.
  • Space-saving dimensions: The Beko microwave can be placed wherever you want in the kitchen, thanks to its compact size: large internal capacity despite its compact size.
  • Simple, intuitive, useful: The easy opening and the self-explanatory manual controls to set cooking power and duration make the microwave the perfect ally.
  • Pre-set programs: Replacing ready meals with genuine homemade recipes is now possible thanks to Beko microwave ovens. With 8 preset cooking modes, you can prepare dishes with fresh ingredients in minutes.
  • Microwave with Grill: Dishes always crunchy and golden. If you still think that the microwave is only used for heating, you do not know the Microwave with Grill. This function will make fish, chicken, beef or vegetable dishes crisp and golden. Now you can have the same taste as a nice barbecue, but in the microwave!

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