Beko HII64210FMTR: the versatile and energy-saving hob

Versatility, electrical control and energy saving with the new Beko HII64210FMTR induction hob

Beko’s HII64210FMTR induction hob allows flexible zone management and unprecedented versatility. Whether you want to prepare a quick lunch or dinner for many guests, this hob is modeled to meet more particular needs. It has 4 cooking zones including one zone IndyFlex, consisting of two separate sections which, if necessary, can be managed as a single zone, allowing the use of larger pots.

The innovative electronic control Touch Direct Control allows you to set temperature and cooking times in a simple and intuitive way; choosing up to 9 power levels. Each zone has an independent control panel with which you can sector the timer, activate the Booster function and set the cooking level.

Beko HII64210FMTR: the versatile and energy-saving hob

Thanks to the Booster Function, it is possible in every zone program the start of cooking at maximum power. In this way it quickly reaches the boiling temperature, then returning to the desired temperature to complete cooking.

The function Power Management it allows to contain the energy consumption within a set threshold. In fact, it is possible to limit the power absorbed by the induction hob by choosing one of the following values: 2.5 / 3 / 3.6 / 4.4 / 5.4 / 5.7 / 6.7 / 7.2 kW.

Beko HII64210FMTR: technical characteristics

  • IndyFlex: technology that ensures maximum flexibility for optimal use of the hob surface making it versatile according to the size of the pots.
  • Touch Direct Control: thanks to the electronic control with 9 power levels, the temperature and cooking time can be set quickly.
  • Power Management: allows to contain energy consumption within a set threshold.
  • Booster function: in this way cooking times are halved.

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