Beko HomeWitz: appliances are getting smarter!

The Beko HomeWitz app connects your home appliance with your smartphone for a smarter and more intuitive use

Beko offers a full range of smart appliances designed for make your life easier thanks to the HomeWhiz App. Connected via Wi-Fi, they can communicate with you wherever you are: through a simple and intuitive App, available for the main operating systems, iOS e Android, you can control your devices even remotely, so that you have more time to dedicate to the things you really love. Some features are specific to the individual appliance, while others are common and provide suggestions for use, useful information on consumption and maintenance or relating to malfunctions. Let’s see the various appliances compatible with Beko HomeWitz.

Beko HomeWitz: appliances are getting smarter!

DIN59530AD dishwasher: do the dishes with Beko HomeWitz

Beko’s DIN59530AD dishwasher is pure efficiency. Equipped with the innovative AutoDose system, is able to manage the detergent (gel) and rinse aid to be used for each wash in complete autonomy. Once the tank has been loaded, the dishwasher will calibrate the required quantity (up to 23 washes). For all those who want a smarter approach to their home appliance, the DIN59530AD dishwasher can be controlled through l’app HomeWhiz in Beko which allows you to connect, monitor and set, via a Wi-Fi connection, various innovative features such as: remote control and monitoring, selection and customization of washing programs, download of additional programs, tips & tricks via the personal assistant Wizard, notifications for correct maintenance, performance data and historical activity and use.Thanks to the 3-arm sprayer equipped with Corner Intense technology that moves in a circular way and reaches every corner of the basket, the dishes, even the dirtiest ones and wherever they are placed, will come out perfectly clean and clean.

BIM19700DXMS and BIM19700XMS ovens: connected kitchen

Designed for all those who want to always be “connected”, the BIM19700DXMS and BIM19700XMS ovens are also equipped with Beko HomeWhiz Wi-Fi connectivity. How often do we forget to turn off the oven or set the wrong temperature? With Beko connected ovens, it is possible to receive notifications when something has gone wrong and remotely restore the situation. Other activities that can be carried out include: consulting and setting recipes, viewing a history of usage activities, obtaining performance data and possibly also advice on using the oven in the most economical time slots.

Beko HomeWitz: appliances are getting smarter!

RCNA406E60ZXBHN refrigerator: monitor the temperature with Beko HomeWhiz

RCNA406E60ZXBHN is the latest generation free-standing combined refrigerator. Its Beko HomeWhiz connectivity allows you to change all functions or settings with a simple touch from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to its WiFi connection. Adjust the temperature or activate the holiday mode it has never been easier, and now you can do it even when you are away from home. So when you return, everything will be ready. In addition, the App allows you to modify alarms and notifications that can be received directly on the smartphone. For example, if you have forgotten the door open or if the temperature has risen abnormally, you will be able to know in real time and find a solution as soon as possible. Finally, Beko HomeWhiz offers constant support for daily use, providing a digital version of the user manual and a set of tips for the best cleaning and care of the refrigerator, as well as Expert Diagnosis, useful for data collection in case of failure.

SteamCure washer-dryer: everything within reach of your smartphone

HomeWhiz connectivity is also available in the new range of SteamCure washer dryer. In this product family, Beko HomeWhiz allows you to add 5 additional programs to the 15 already present on the front panel of the products. In addition, the App is able to save the temperature settings, spin speed and additional functions (eg Steam) as “Favorites” so that you have them at your fingertips to quickly and easily launch the programs you use more than frequent. What if you have doubts about how to best use your new washer-dryer? You can rely on the Wizard function, which guides you to find the best solution to wash your laundry, based on the type of fabric, color and level of dirt. So you will be able to fully exploit all the potential of the washing machine, without hesitation.

Beko HomeWitz: appliances are getting smarter!

Beko BP113H portable air conditioner: the perfect temperature with Beko HomeWhiz

With HomeWhiz® you can control and monitor the Beko BP113H portable air conditioner with one click, wherever you are. The desire is to make your life easier, thanks to a series of latest generation features. You can control the device, turn it on or off as needed, check the mode, temperature, fan speed and even the oscillation of the blades.

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