Beko on air: appliances on air on RTL 102.5

This year Beko’s summer is on RTL 102.5 not only with a commercial, but also with a full program of contents that will tell the pluses of some of the brand’s flagship products and how with Beko, until 31 December , you can also take advantage of the “Satisfied or Refunded” promo and extend the guarantee on many built-in products!

Beko – the leading brand of household appliances in Europe – is back on air with a new radio campaign that will air on RTL 102.5 from 12 July until 30 August: contents, 30-second commercials, special formats, citations and sponsorships will tell the pluses of some of the brand’s flagship products, but not only. The new radio campaign will also emphasize the advantages for those who buy a product from the built-in range such as the possibility of extend the warranty up to 5 years free of charge and to be reimbursed, in case of non-satisfaction with the purchase.

Beko on air: appliances on the radio

Countryside will be on air for 7 weeks with over 800 press releases and will be completely dedicated to the Beko built-in range. The main protagonists will be: the 75 cm Montebianco refrigerator, the refrigerator with HarvestFresh technology and the inevitable PizzaPro oven.

Among the pluses that will be emphasized: the 45% more capacity of the Montebianco refrigerator, compared to the standard built-in models; there ability to simulate the 24 hours of the solar cycle, thus ensuring the best preservation in terms of freshness and vitamins of fruit and vegetables, of the refrigerators equipped with tecnologia HarvestFresh; and the possibility of being able to bake a perfect pizza at 310 °, as good as in a pizzeria in just 5 minutes, with PizzaPro ovens.

Beko on air: appliances on air on RTL 102.5

The creativity of the campaign is by YAM 112003 and tells of a person struggling with a difficult choice and who is putting him in crisis. Not finding what you are looking for, the solution is… cash in! And this is where Beko intervenes by offering him a wide range of appliances, with cutting-edge technologies, to choose from. With this new radio campaign, Beko wants reiterate its constant commitment to be by the side of the consumer to guarantee him a real change in the kitchen and to facilitate him in everyday challenges. Just think of the warranty extension up to 5 years and the “Satisfied or Reimbursed” promo: not only a protection for the customer, but further confirmation of the brand’s reliability.

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