RecoverFun Plus Review: the Olympus of “Pro” Massage Guns

RecoverFun Plus Review. Let’s find out everything there is to know about one of the undisputed best professional Massage Guns on the market

After having brought to our portal a non-professional product, therefore Entry Level, from the Massage Gun family – which are increasingly gaining ground in the market and arousing interest especially in the sports scene – today we offer you the review of a professional model, is called RecoverFun Plus, and has nothing to envy to the most famous models on the market.

The non-professional model tested previously made us discover these products in the context of an amateur use, here we are instead faced with a model used in the professional field for which it will be evaluated according to certain metrics, comparing it with its direct competitors and not. , with Entry Level models. We try to find out why this RecoverFun Plus is different from all others.

RecoverFun Plus review: the Olympus of professional Massage Guns

Without being repetitive, we have already extensively told about the scientific and technical nature, the birth, and the arrival of these products in the consumer market, so if you want to find out why they have taken hold in the electronics sector, and above all what it is and why it is needed, we refer you to this article, in which everything you need to know briefly about the Myofascial release. In this review we will analyze directly in essence what it is one of the best Massage Guns on the market.

Before describing the product, let’s try to understand who is RecoverFun. Born in 2018 with the purpose of innovate in the brushless motor sector. After being there for years one of the leading Chinese and American suppliers of motors, and after accumulating a great deal of experience in the lithium battery sector, he decided to take advantage of their experience gained in the field of research and development for putting electronics at the service of sport and medicine.

Today overseas it is widely chosen by health services, sports, and physiotherapy fields. It has recently embarked on the mission of also arriving in Europe. With excellent results, in Italy there are currently several specialists in the physiatric sector who use RecoverFun products.

Unboxing and build quality | RecoverFun Plus Review

Already at first glance we notice a considerable attention to detail, which makes us understand and above all perceive that we are dealing with a high-level product. Comes with a first RecoverFun branded box containing the bag, obviously also has the risk of the logo in relief, and a comfortable handle. The box contains all the information relating to the massage gun in question, well illustrated.

The carrying bag is of excellent quality, from the hinges to the rigidity of the same. Inside there is even a large pocket where you can put something, and where we find an instruction manual illustrated very well, even if the use is quite intuitive. The bag is shaped inside, and each component has its own specific housing, really useful for transport. In the package there is obviously the proprietary charger.

The materials are premium. The RecoverFun Plus has its own protective casing, and a respectable construction level. It denotes a not indifferent attention to detail, we immediately understand that we are in front of a professional product. RecoverFun Plus does not emit abnormal creaks during use, a sign that the construction has been studied in detail, despite the high speed it reaches. The motor body being very powerful, tends to heat up and vibrate, to remedy this RecoverFun has seen fit to insert a metal body that houses the motor and its mechanism. This metal structure together with the neck (which is also the battery) gives it a total weight of 1.2 kg, well distributed. A weight that also helps to handle it given the power of the engine.

This model features a handle covered in rubber for a more stable and comfortable grip, impossible to lose the grip. Very simple and pleasant design, we have the name of the product engraved in the part that houses the motor, then we find near the handle a sticker with an arrow, which indicates the point where the battery is extracted. In the lower part, where we find the entrance to the 24V DC-IN charger, we have several information reported, and then, the button ignition On / Off. The indentation of the final part allows the Massage Gun to rest perfectly on the surfaces.

Battery extraction is intuitive and convenient. The extraction and insertion mechanism is solid and robust. There are interlocking grooves that facilitate correct insertion and locking of the same.

Focus on data sheet and heads | RecoverFun Plus Review

The Massage Gun is made as mentioned by the central metal body, rubberized handle, and the remaining parts in a very high quality, resistant and robust plastic alloy. The insertion part of the heads shows a groove for better locking of the heads once inserted, and several internal seals. The piston nozzle (where we insert the heads) is made of aluminum. In the back instead we find the area that we will use the most.

Once the Massage Gun has been turned on from the special switch, the indicator LEDs on the back will light up. The design is simple but functional, we find several holes to facilitate dissipation, and within this pattern we find the elements of interaction. In the center, the activation button. With a long press it will start or, the engine will stop. At the bottom we have 5 LEDs that indicate the battery status, 4 green LEDs (which will switch on or off in progression) indicate the status which goes from 100% to 20%, when only the red LED will be switched on. We advise you not to let it completely discharge, perhaps to charge it as soon as you reach the red LED.

At the top we have the speed lights, which are 5. The engine is of the highest quality, and can be perceived by the noise produced and the feeling it returns during use. The movement is dry and precise. The brushless motor has a power of 100W, RecoverFun is one of the most powerful Massage Guns on the market. 100W working to move a range of 13mm of percussion amplitude (Amplitude). 13mm is an average value for this sector, which is great for the Vibration Therapy of fabrics, but also good for the Deeper Percussion Therapy. While there are many professional products on the market that offer 16mm of percussion amplitude, and certainly greater amplitude equals more treatment possibilities, the motor is so efficient that the 13mm is perfectly structured, you will not regret more amplitude.

5 speeds to exploit, remember that by speed we mean how many times per minute the head makes a complete excursion of 13mm. To the first level we have 1,500 RPM, and al second level 1,800 RPM. These first two speeds can be used for Vibration Therapy, or for shallow muscle groups and sensitive areas. To the third level RecoverFun chooses a speed of 2,400 RPM to favor the Deeper Percussion Therapy treatment, a level that is good for all muscle groups, depends on your sensitivity and its volume. Levels 4 and 5, 2,820 RPM and 3,300 RPM, respectively, they are indicated for larger muscle groups, or targeted treatments, with the appropriate heads.

Let’s continue the review of the RecoverFun Plus just talking about the heads, we have well 6 supplied. It is one of the most complete Massage Guns from this point of view. We have the testina Forkhead (made of hard plastic), mostly used for the cervical area, or backbone; there Bullet head (made of hard plastic), which is suitable for treating Trigger Point and therefore for the Deep Tissue treatment; there testina Round (made of hard foam), which is useful for large muscle groups, such as the gluteus maximus, pectoral major, quadriceps and hamstrings, or grand dorsal; there Flat head (made of hard plastic), which does not have a unique target muscle section but has been found to be effective for various muscle groups, small and large; then we have one variant of the Round head (made of soft silicone), flatter and wider, excellent for targeted Vibration Therapy, or for treatments with active patient execution. All heads have an antimicrobial treatment.

The special Flex Super Soft head

RecoverFun then offers a particular head, which only this company offers, and can be purchased individually, which is the Flex Super Soft. This head also arrives in its dedicated housing, and wrapped in a protective veil, and in a dedicated bag, branded RecoverFun. This head has a very special and unique feeling, can be used for most muscle groups, and is made of a very smooth soft rubber. Very soft, it has been designed to treat sensitive, delicate or painful areas, without making the patient feel pain.

The vibrations will in fact be absorbed by the soft rubber structure, and the effect is extremely delicate. Useful for both Vibration and Deeper Therapy treatments. The Flex Super Soft head is very smooth, and allows friction-free sliding on the skin surface, for this reason it is used in cases of delicate skin, as the friction is equal to 0, with this head even if a bone would be hit there will be no problem. In addition, this head is able to ensure an additional Deeper Percussion depth of 2-3 mm depending on the muscle group. For this head it is not necessary an exaggeratedly strong pressure, you have to let it work with the speeds of the Massage Gun. The pressure can be applied to targeted areas and treatments. The head is easy to clean and is scratch resistant. It is also compatible with other models of Massage Gun on the market, the compatibility list is available on the site.

Finally speaking of cartridges, RecoverFun also includes 3 replacement gaskets. The high speeds that the heads reach, during operation, generate heat in the piston which tends to overheat, this over time could wear the heads gasket, causing less grip during the range of movement. Of course, this is unlikely to happen with a year, maybe even two, but still it is something more. A sign that RecoverFun Plus is a product supported over time, and that it is designed to be long-lasting. In particular, there are two gaskets suitable for all heads, and one is specific for the Forkhead head, we can see it from the special groove.

By purchasing the RecoverFun Plus you will have this head supplied, otherwise it will be purchased separately. But that’s not the only extra head you can buy. As RecoverFun also produces a Flat head, made of aluminum. It does not particularly change the final effect of the treatment and …