Super Mario 64: a record figure reached at auction

The auction for a still-wrapped copy of Super Mario 64 has reached an astronomical figure: here are the record numbers for the 1996 game

We will also get to talk about sales figures, but for now we focus on record figure reached by an auction for Super Mario 64. And what an auction: the starting figure was already around one hundred thousand dollars, but the final result added a handy zero. Not that the love for Nintendo surprises us, but we never expected that a still new and sealed copy of the game could touch no less than one million and five hundred and sixty thousand dollars. The climb to the best offer was quick and inevitable, and the result is there for all to see.

Super Mario 64: the record figure for a new copy

The winner therefore had to shell out an insane amount, and the record did not fail to divide the opinion on the value of a copy of Super Mario 64, albeit untouched. Writer Chris Kohler, ex-Wired (as well as author of Power-Up: How Japanese video games gave the world an extra life, degree thesis turned book) joked about how literally it was a millionaire game. A little more caustic was the reaction of Kotaku, which made no secret of how much a similar amount could very well have been spent elsewhere.

This isn’t the first time a Big N title has accomplished a vaguely similar feat. Even the very first The Legend of Zelda for the NES it came close to one million, with a more than decent sum of $ 870,000. Of course, by comparison not even the most sinister touts can get to (re) sell Super Mario 3D All-Stars at even comparable figures.

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