Beko presents the BIS14300BPS multi-function oven

Beko presented its new BIS1430BPS steam assisted multi-function oven, capable of combining traditional oven cooking techniques with the incredible power of steam! Let’s see all the details together

The goal of Beko, the Turkish brand specializing in major household appliances, has always been to provide innovative products, capable of fully satisfying the traditional needs of the consumer. No less is the new oven of the Turkish company, which aims to help consumers create healthy, nutritious and tasty dishes with all the advantages of steaming.

Beko presents the BIS14300BPS multi-function oven

All the news of Beko’s BIS1430BPS steam assisted oven

The BIS1430BPS steam assisted oven by Beko makes leavened products grow and become fragrant and soft. Cooked vegetables, on the other hand, will not risk losing their nutritional principles. Furthermore, cooking large-sized meats, such as roasts, will guarantee an optimal and undoubtedly tasty result.

Multi-tray cooking

The Beko BIS1430BPS steam assisted oven provides for cooking the elements on three levels; the ultimate goal is clearly to distribute the heat and the temperature of the dishes in a completely homogeneous way.

After you have finished cooking, all you have to do is activate the pyrolytic self-cleaning function, provided in the standard and eco versions. In this way, the internal temperature of the oven will reach about 480 degrees, enough to carbonize all the dirt. At that point, just wipe with a damp cloth to quickly remove the ash deposited on the bottom.

Not bad, right? All official information regarding Beko’s BIS14300BPS multi-function oven, included its availability, you can find them directly on the official website. Let us know what you think in the comments! Continue to follow us on the tuttoTek pages to not miss any news!

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