Beko: the future lies in the sustainable economy

Beko is one of the companies that most of all have focused on innovation to create sustainable products to give a better future to human beings

Beko, the world’s leading appliance brand, conducted a Europe-wide survey of people’s attitudes and concerns about sustainability and their awareness of their individual effects on the environment, and found a strong belief in the power of individual to make a difference for the future of our planet. With the growing awareness of our polluted seas and the loss of nature, it would be very easy to feel helpless, but the vast majority (UK 88%, IT 88%, ES 87%, DE 84%, FR 78%, PL 74%) of the six countries surveyed said they feel it is their personal responsibility to do the difference by minimizing waste, the use of water and energy in their daily life.

The number of people who think it depends on others, such as the government or businesses, or who think they can’t make a difference, is negligible. The study found that human environmental damage is perceived as the most critical threat for a sustainable planet by all respondents, followed by the problem of plastic, then by infectious diseases – which may not even have entered the list if these questions were asked two years ago. Extreme weather conditions follow, followed by natural disasters, natural resource crises, biodiversity loss, food waste and finally water stress.

Beko: the future lies in the sustainable economy

Beko: sustainable economy is the only solution

Recycling turns out to be the most popular way by which people practice sustainability at home. Interestingly, this business scores significantly higher in the UK market at 84% than all others, with Italy coming closest to 78% and Germany at 66%. When asked what else they could do to protect the planet, respondents list in order of effectiveness, buying sustainable products, fighting food waste, reducing air travel and eating less meat.

Beko: the future lies in the sustainable economy

Energy and food are the top two important categories where using environmentally friendly products is most important, with appliances on the way, before clothing and travel. The the main obstacle to a more sustainable life at home is the perception of the high prices of sustainable products in all countries. High prices are mentioned less in Germany than in other countries for both FMCG and non-FMCG products, while Spanish respondents have significantly higher price sensitivity for FMCG products. Price is the most important factor when buying an appliance, followed by longevity and respect for the environment, despite the majority of respondents (IT 88%, ES 86%, FR 85%, PL 84%, UK 77%, DE 75%) agreeing on the importance of purchasing sustainable appliances that have a significant positive impact on our planet. However, the lack of knowledge, willpower, or belief in being able to make a difference is once again, reassuringly, very low on the list of reasons for not living sustainably at home. Francesco Misurelli Country Manager of Beko Italy, comments:

Our research has shown that we are fully aligned with our customers on the sustainability goals we have set for ourselves. It is encouraging to know that people want to do the right thing for the environment and believe that their actions can have an impact. The price itself has a significant impact on buying behavior. At Beko, we are passionate about democratizing technology, making it accessible and ensuring that as many people as possible can access it. By making sustainability a business model and integrating it into everything we do, we strive to reduce human environmental damage through the development of high-performance, durable, affordable and even eco-friendly appliances. The purpose of the Beko brand is to enable future generations to live healthier lives, which is only possible by living more sustainably and working for a healthier planet. All our actions and every product we use has an impact on nature and we are eager to adapt our existing technologies to make all our appliances more environmentally friendly too. For Beko, this is just the beginning.

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