Windows 11: the operating system designed for gaming

The announcement of Windows 11 has unveiled an operating system with many new features in the gaming field. Let’s take a closer look at them

The arrival of a new operating system was not such a secret news. For weeks the clues followed one after the other, from the new official wallpaper to the first images after that the ISO image was leaked online, passing through the trailer posted on the YouTube channel of Microsoft. Last, but not least, is the one related to Windows 10 end of support. The successor of the current operating system was therefore now in the air and yesterday it was finally there the official announcement has arrived.

Let’s see the news in the gaming field for Windows 11

One of the most important news is certainly l’auto HDR. This allows for games SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) to work with HDR enhancements on displays that support it. Games that were not designed with this technology will therefore appear brighter and more colorful. Detail and contrast will also be implemented and all by simply enabling this feature on the new operating system.

Windows 11: the operating system designed for gaming

Even the Direct Storage is a major new feature native to Windows 11. First announced as one of the most important features on the Xbox Series X | S, this is to dramatically decrease loading times. If you have a good SSD and a game designed specifically for this technology, loading times will be almost zero.

Last, but certainly not least, is the news regarding the DirectX 12 Ultimate support. The company in fact promotes this technology as a fundamental pillar for the gaming sector of the new Windows 11. DX12 Ultimate includes new developer features, such as the Raytracing 1.1, Sampler Feedback, variable speed shading and more. This technology makes life easier for game developers by allowing them to create new titles that require fewer resources.

We can therefore say that this operating system is optimized better, compared to its predecessor, as regards the gaming sector. We will just have to wait for the official release and find out how it really behaves. What do you think of this new operating system and the innovations shown? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the software universe, keep following the pages of!

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