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Bentley Rear Entertainment: a new in-vehicle entertainment system

Bentley will shortly introduce a new entertainment system dedicated to rear seat passengers for both the Flying Spur and Bentayga. Bentley Rear Entertainment offers the latest in connected technology, combining a highly flexible system with class-leading Naim for Bentley audio is already available for both models.

A clever concept with the name “Bring your device” allows customers to easily stream content from their smartphone, computer or tablet directly to the Bentley Rear Entertainment system with minimal effort and without the need to connect via cable.

Bentley Rear Entertainment: the characteristics of the system

The immersive entertainment experience includes two 10.1-inch high-definition screens fixed to the rear of the front seats. The screens are removable and use a lot graphics with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels which offers perfect images with moving.

The sound from the Bentley Rear Entertainment system can be streamed via Bluetooth to the headphones supplied with the car or to the customers’ personal headphones. Alternatively, the sound can be fed directly to the Flying Spur or Bentayga’s current class-leading Naim audio system, which in the Flying Spur delivers industry-leading 2,200 watts of power. Over-The-Air (OTA) software updates ensure customers can stay abreast of the latest technological advances in the future.

Ivo Muth, Director of Electrical/Electronics, Bentley Motors, commenta: “The new Bentley Rear Entertainment system combines ease of use with cutting-edge design and functionality. It allows passengers occupying the rear seats to access an ever-expanding world of entertainment through a highly engaging system that represents the latest in on-board technology. The system offers digital entertainment services such as multimedia and streaming from almost any service provider around the world and transforms your car
in your exclusive moving cinema “.

“Bentley’s new“ bring your own device ”feature works seamlessly with a passenger’s device, offering the benefits of a high resolution 10.1 ″ screen and incredible sound quality. Bentley Rear Entertainment is another example of how Bentley helps customers create their own extraordinary journeys ”.

Bentley Rear Entertainment: how to use

Provided that both the device and Bentley Rear Entertainment are set up on the same Wi-Fi network, passengers can interact with their chosen app (e.g. Amazon Prime, Disney +, Youku or Apple TV), content can be viewed on touchscreens of the Bentley system.

Mirroring from the customer’s device is now also possible with Bentley Rear Entertainment displays. This useful feature mirrors an exact copy of the screen of a mobile device, including pop-ups, notifications and screen rotation on the 10.1-inch screen that equips the car.

Netflix, the popular entertainment streaming service offering thousands of movies and TV shows, is pre-installed on Bentley Rear Entertainment. You will then be able to access the platform without the need to stream from your personal device.

A wide range of choices and possibilities

Both touchscreens are detachable and come with an HDMI port, allowing the use of multimedia devices such as Amazon Firestick or a game console. The latest USB Type-C port provides a convenient charging point for customers’ mobile devices as well as backup for software updates. It is provided
also a headphone jack, as an alternative to Bluetooth connectivity.

The high-resolution screens are touch sensitive, so features like volume, brightness, source selection and a handy user guide are easy to use with the touch of a finger.

Both Bentley Rear Entertainment screens are connected to the rear of the front passenger seats via a custom made stand, which also connects power to the system. Screens and even supports can be removed if desired.

The rear of the screen discreetly houses a microphone, which monitors audio from the Flying Spur Bentayga or Naim hi-fi system and ensures that it is always in sync with media playing on the Bentley Rear Entertainment system.

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