Migliori serie su Apple TV da vedere

Best Apple TV series to watch | March 2021

Apple TV has also arrived in Italy, and although small, its catalog offers TV series to give a chance to. Here is the guide to the best Apple TV series not to be missed

Apple TV has landed in Italy and is ready to immerse itself in the jungle of streaming services also in our country. The most famous apple in the world has in fact launched its streaming service, whose catalog, although not as rich as that of its competitors, is still entitled to a chance.

Characteristics of the service

If you have recently purchased an Apple device and want to check out the series and movies on Apple TV, know that you will have a period of one year to find out if this streaming service is for you! You got it right: if within three months of activating your device you decide to activate Apple TV, you will be entitled to a one-year free trial; at the end of the twelve months, if you decide to continue with the subscription, you will be charged € 4.99 per month. And don’t worry if you don’t have any other Apple devices at home: the service is present on Smart TVs and on all devices with tecnologia AirPlay.

Best Apple TV series to watch

On Apple TV you will have the opportunity to watch series and movies from a free catalog, but also to rent or buy all the new releases and titles of the moment. After talking about the best movies on the platform, here are some Apple TV Series tips you should definitely give a chance to.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet | Best Apple TV series

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a Comedy series consisting of a season and 9 episodes of about 30 minutes each, plus a special episode dedicated to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The series focuses on the world of video games, precisely on a development house intent on launching the second chapter of the Mythic Quest MMO saga. The episodes are comic and with a smooth narrative, and deal lightly with the discussions and the various misunderstandings that can be created during the creation of such a product. In a nutshell, we could say that Mythic Quest deals with battles that are played in the office every day.

If you love the world of video games, this is a fast and enjoyable title that you shouldn’t miss.

Home Before Dark | Best Apple TV series

Home Before Dark, a one-season series directed by Dana Fox and Dara Resnik, chronicles the incredible career of Hilde Lysiak: born in 2006, Hilde is known for founding Orange Street News (a newspaper in the city of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania) and for being the youngest journalist enrolled in the Society of Professional Journalists.

The series tells of the transfer of the Lysiak family from Brooklyn to precisely Selinsgrove, where little Hilde will begin investigating a case of murder that all the other citizens had tried to forget.


Little Voice | Best Apple TV series

In constant struggle against the fear of failure and motivated to pursue her dream, young singer-songwriter Bess King works hard to fulfill her greatest dream: to become a singer. In the comedy-drama series Little Voice, the protagonists teach us how dreams can come true, but almost always to reach our goal it is necessary to work hard and fight against our inner monsters.

The songs featured in the series are all original, and the production sees the presence of artists such as singer Sara Bareilles.

See | Best Apple TV series

In a dystopian universe, a virus has almost totally exterminated the world population; only two million inhabitants remain on the planet, all blind. Those born with a developed sense of sight are considered a heretic and killed.

One day a man, Jermamarel, he realizes he can see and is killed by the population, but his wife is pregnant; will come to help her Baba Voss (Jason Momoa), who decides to marry the woman and adopt the twins born, raising them as his biological children. But the two children see, and a fight begins to prevent the little ones from being killed.

So here are the series that we recommend you to see to start your journey with Apple TV. Stay tuned to this guide to stay updated every month on the best titles on the platform.