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Sony E-mount: Best Canon Adapters | March 2021

It is not a secret. On Sony cameras with E-mount it is possible to adapt everything, even Canon lenses. But there are a lot of adapters, among which it is difficult to move. In the course of this guide, we are going to understand which are the best Canon adapters to use on Sony E-mount!

The first question, however, is the following: why adapt optics Canon on mirrorless Sony E-mount?

Until now, the reason was to to have lenses that Sony does not yet produce. But now, thanks to the new objectives on the list, the only real reason remains that of save on the cost of lenses and / or continue to use your own already bought even on a Sony body.

The right body

Keep in mind that not all Sony cameras work well with these adapters. Below, we recommend the mirrorless cameras that are certainly compatible with the recommended adapters. These models work very well in autofocus, while those not listed offer very slow and not always reliable autofocus

  • A7 Mark II
  • A7R Mark II
  • A6100
  • A6300
  • A6400
  • A6500
  • A6600
  • A7 Mark III
  • A7R Mark III
  • A7R Mark IV
  • A9
  • A9 Mark II
  • A7s Mark III

With the latest updates, the feature works on these mirrorless cameras as well Eye-AF. Remember that it is important to have one of these camera bodies available if the intention is to use AF, of course this does not interest everyone but in our opinion it is a parameter to consider.

In particular, the mirrorless Sony A9 and Sony A7R mark III have an autofocus speed and precision comparable to the use of the same Canon lenses on a Canon body. This is a great result considering that initially the flaw of the mirrorless was the autofocus speed, especially with adapted lenses.

On Sony cameras with E-mount it is possible to adapt everything, even Canon lenses. But there are a lot of adapters, among which it is difficult to move, let’s find out together what choices to make.

Best Canon adapters to use on Sony E-mount

The proposed solutions are different, they start from a few euros and can cost several hundred euros. Adapting Canon lenses to Sony today is very easy, the choice is wide.

There are many products of different brands, both with contacts and without. We we only recommend solutions that have contactsotherwise it would be impossible to control the aperture of Canon lenses as they are electronically controlled.

Best Canon Adapters to Use on Sony E-mount – Cheap

These adapters all share a very cheap construction and less frequently updated software that is not entirely problem-free. These adapters usually cause small blockages in the camera, problems handling the bursts and the autofocus sometimes tends to do a little bit what it wants. They are still a good solution for cheap Canon lenses.




Best Canon adapters to use on Sony E-mount – High end

In this price range, spending changes order of magnitude but the above problems disappear almost “magically”.

Only the Vizelx has a limit to the maximum number of FPS in the burst, while the other two adapters are almost perfect. In particular the Sigma MC-11 is perfect with all optics Sigma Art! In practice, thanks to it, the Canon lenses on Sony work like the use on the Canon body.


Metabones V

Sigma MC-11

Best Canon adapters to use on Sony E-mount APS-C – Speed ​​Booster

This is a specific adapter for aps-C (A6300 and A6500). It can only be used with FF optics and is able to concentrate the light of FF optics on the aps-C sensor circle by increasing the brightness of the same by 1 stop and bringing the crop factor to about 1.3x. It costs a lot but, according to those who use it, it provides spectacular results.

Metabones Speed boster

That’s all for now!

For this month with our guide to best Canon adapters to use on Sony E-mount that’s all, stay connected to not miss the news of the sector!

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