Best bluetooth speakers | June 2022

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This guide will show you which are the best bluetooth speakers on the market in June 2022

Thanks to this article, I will show you how to choose between best bluetooth speakers. I will show you the characteristics of the best devices, so as to be able to understand which of the various models on the market will be right for you. A bluetooth speaker, (for more info click here), is really indispensable for those who love to listen to music (but not alone) through their mobile device, in full freedom wherever they want (not needing wires or a socket).

Best bluetooth speakers |  June 2022

How to choose among the best bluetooth speakers

Even if the market is now full of models of any shape and brand, it is not difficult being able to choose the best bluetooth home that suits our case. We need to keep our needs in mind and choose the one with the features that best suit us. For example, if we were to leave them fixed in one place, we would have to choose one type of device more sturdy and resistant. Or on the contrary, if you ever need to move them around, you’ll need to find one more device lightweight and compact, with a battery that lasts longer and maybe a USB socket to be able to connect it to a power bank. Finally, if you are a lover of the sea or the pool, you could go for a choice waterproof.

Obviously, once you have researched the features that most intrigue us, and narrow the purchase field of the devices, it will be much easier to make your choice. Only the factor will remain prezzo (understand how much you want to spend on our device), no longer a problem, given the wide choice on the market.

Technical details to look for in the best bluetooth speakers

The main features that a good bluetooth speaker must have are:

  • Sound quality
  • Power
  • Dimensions
  • Connection

Sound quality

One of the most important elements in our choice is to evaluate the sound quality. This type of speaker is used to reproduce audio files of different genres, therefore, we must always check that the acoustic system is adequate for our needs. There are various parameters to be judged in order to find the right balance of sound in a cabinet. As the THD (the total harmonic distortion) and the SNR (the signal-to-noise ratio).

The first indicates the distortion to which the sounds are subjected when the volume is raised. To be within the correct parameters, a device must have a THD that does not exceed the1%. The second, on the other hand, is measured in dB and the greater the base value the higher the quality of the engraving. Another thing that can greatly improve the sound quality is certainly how many speakers there are in the speakers. Sometimes, to save space and money, we only have one for the two channels. Sometimes there are two speakers, both for the left and right channels.


Power is expressed in Watt and, obviously, the greater the power of the device, the more musical energy will be manageable by our speaker. A high wattage corresponds to speakers that will reproduce a loud and powerful audio, that you can also hear it from room to room, in the middle of the street, or during a party.

Of course this does not mean that the quality is excellent. It just means that reproduction is powerful. The ideal size is to have a pair of speakers 6 or 7 watt ciascuno for a total power of 12 watts. This would be an excellent product. However, there are also boxes with single speaker and with a power of about 3 watts. Also in this case we cannot syndicate regardless, it could be an equally good product at a certainly lower price.


Dimensions are another factor to keep an eye on and not to be underestimated in your choice. A product that is not too bulky can be carried around more easily. We shouldn’t buy crates that are too large, especially if we want to carry them around in a bag or backpack. There are really very small models, others with more standard speakers that are better for the home or for a fixed location.

The shape is also interesting because some crates are made to accommodate smartphone o tablet. Others, on the other hand, are simple, light and easy-to-handle speakers with a standard shape. The dimensions are really fundamental for the final choice. There are those who prefer larger speakers to hear better, those who want to have a tiny size to carry the speakers with them, still others want a standard size that allows you to place the speakers in a room and leave them there.


Finally, to consider the connection, a very important feature to be evaluated before purchasing. You have to check that the bluetooth of the speakers connects well with others home bluetooth devices, without thinking much about which year of manufacture the device has. Never buy devices that are unlikely to be compatible with other bluetooth in your possession that may be older than the new purchase.

Finally, always remember to check the distance of coverage (how many meters can we cover with the signal), and the battery life (how long is theautonomy of the bluetooth speaker). Whether they are lithium, rechargeable, or NiMH type, the important thing is that they last a long time when you are away from home.

Best bluetooth speakers |  June 2022

Why buy the best bluetooth speakers

The bluetooth speakers are now a very important household appliance, present in most of our homes. The great success of these devices is their great convenience. They are comfortable because they are transportablethey are convenient because they enter the stock market, because they are the basis for ours cell phone o al mp3 player. They are comfortable because the cost is not high. In addition, many of these devices have functions and gods extra supplements which the basic models do not offer. For example, some allow you to answer the cell phone thanks to a microphone that is inside the case. Others, on the other hand, are waterprooftherefore they are waterproof, can be used in the swimming pool, at the sea or thanks to a suction cup implemented on the shower wall.

The best on the market

We have reached the “heart” of this guide on the best blutooth speakers. Below are the ones that, in my opinion, are the best speakers on the market. With the right components and features for all needs, high performance, and good value for money.

JBL Charge 4

JBL (here for more information) is one of the leading American companies in the voice and loudspeaker industry. The Charge 4 it is one of those loudspeakers that for power and handling can make the difference in the open air or in the din of a party. You can listen to music for 20 ore consecutive and attach two smartphones to the speaker thanks to bluetooth or USB cable. It is a very stylish tube that is completely waterproof, so it’s also great for a pool party. If you want to know more, here our text review and here our video review.

Given the price (not very high) and the fact that it is easily transportable, it is one of the best bluetooth speakers you can buy. A damp cloth can be used to clean the tube which remains easy to carry as it is very light and super compact.
Advantages: compact, powerful sound, waterproof. Disadvantages: sound a little muffled,

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Ultimate Ears (here for info) is an American company that deals with voice and loudspeakers. In recent years, it has presented very good products so as to occupy a large slice of the public in a short time. the Boom 3 it makes a difference due to the very clear type of sound, the lower cost of others and the fact that it has great resistance. It also possesses an extraordinary impermeability it’s a buoyancy that defines this speaker perfect for a nice pool party. The sound reaches a maximum distance of 45 meters. We can clean this product with a neutral detergent that allows us to remove pool water and dust. A powerful and compact speaker, really nice to look at. Advantages: waterproof, buoyancy. Disadvantages: unclear and unclear highs and lows

Tronsmart T6 Plus

Chinese company, founded in 2013, is considered one of the real positive surprises on the market and that we never have to worry too much about not knowing the brand. We are talking, in fact, of a speaker with a very low cost but which has very good performance. 15 ore of music with a charge of sunshine 3 ore they are not at all few and it must be said that the model is robust and quite a lot waterproof, which allows us to imagine the use practically everywhere. This tube can be cleaned with a neutral detergent and is made of hard plastic, so it is very durable. Advantages: lots of quality, powerful bass, clear sound. Disadvantages: for the market price, I didn’t find any.


In this case we have a bluetooth speaker super compact that you can listen to on the beach, by the pool or in the shower without any problem. 5 ore of autonomy for a model that costs so little are really many and we cannot fail to consider the sound it really emits clear and perfect, with no background noise or intermittence. Robust, colorful, youthful, at a price accessible to all, it can be cleaned with a detergent without any problem. Advantages: great quality, great sound, compact cabinet. Disadvantages: for the market price, I didn’t find any.

JBL Charge 3

This is a blutooth case waterproof, high-end, costing around 160 euros. powerful and with a built-in power bank. Autonomy of 20 ore, and usb cable with which you can recharge. Waterproof to the point that it can be heard, turned on, after throwing it into the pool. Total waterproofness and sound quality make this speaker the top of the range in this price range. Very powerful speaker, very balanced and super deep sound, despite having only two 50 mm woofers. Advantages: enveloping sound, compact and high quality sound, battery that lasts even a week if not used continuously. Disadvantages: the price compared to the others, perhaps a little too high.

JBL Flip 4

Another product to be mentioned among the best bluetooth speakers is definitely the JBL Flip 4. This speaker can be connected with cable and with bluetooth and is tube-shaped. It’s all made of plastic, it’s waterproof and has a built-in speakerphone, so you can answer the phone in the car or in a quiet condition. You should choose this speaker because it is a lot powerful and resistant. You can listen to music for more than 12 ore. You can use a damp cloth to clean the tube with peace of mind as it is waterproof. Advantages: compact, clear sound. Disadvantages: price.

Bose SoundLink Color II

When it comes to Bose there is always talk of a revolution in technology in favor of loudspeakers and voice and even with this small sound diffuser, the American company does not contradict itself. This case is very compact, and colorful. It has a nice clear soundbasses that do their duty well and …

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