Best Electronic Cigarettes |  April 2021

Best Electronic Cigarettes | April 2021

Are you trying to quit smoking or are you just fed up with the traditional cigarette? Find out which are the best electronic cigarettes and how to choose the one that suits you

Are you thinking of switching to electronic cigarette but you don’t know where to start to choose the right one?

I’ll explain in the next lines how is an e-cig composed, so you can find the one that suits your needs and show you some of the solutions Starter Kit, or all inclusive packages (except liquid), with integrated battery and head atomizer (replaceable), best-selling of the moment.


The components of the electronic cigarette


L’atomizer it’s that part of the e-cig that vaporize the liquid, thanks to contact with a resistance inside, and transforms it into the vapor to be inhaled.

Each atomizer only fits on certain batteries, although there are several very good adapters on the market.

Each atomizer enhances the aromas in a different way, so his choice is often very personal and based on his own perception and experience.

Atomizers vary by type of use and theirs structural typology.

According to the type of shot we distinguish:

  • atomizers for cheek shooting: allow a similar to that of a traditional cigarette, for which they are recommended to anyone trying to quit smoking oa who is approaching the world of electronic cigarettes. The steam produced will not be high because they need less power to be used, guaranteeing one longer battery life
  • atomizers for lung shooting: produce large amounts of steam thanks to the use of sub-ohm resistors, which require much more power from the battery. They guarantee one higher aromatic yield, but having to require more power to the battery, the latter it will download faster.

Regarding the structural type of the atomizer we have:

  • atomizers with non-regenerable tanks: they are made up of a glass or polycarbonate tank and a resistance to be replaced when the taste of the liquid is no longer felt or there is a burning taste or when the amount of steam generated is no longer satisfactory
  • atomizers with regenerable tanks: they differ from non-regenerable ones because the resistance is not pre-made, but it can be made using resistive wire and cotton. They need some experience to choose the type of resistive wire and the most suitable cotton for the atomizer
  • dripping atomizers: chosen mainly for their aromatic yield, they do not have a reservoir. They consist of a base and a top cap, inside which the liquid will be poured directly onto the cotton every 4/5 shots. It is necessary to regenerate the resistance and the cotton manually
  • bottom feeder regenerable atomizers: similar to those for dripping, they differ in the way the liquid is fed. At the base they have a small hole to which the bottle of liquid is connected; by applying pressure on the bottle (squonk) the liquid impregnates the cotton and allows the resistance to do its job


The resistance (also called coil) is nothing more than a wire wound in coils which generates a electrical resistance. Its value is expressed in Ohm (Ω): the lower the value, the greater the amount of steam generated.

A coil with a low resistance yes it allows a vape with a greater amount of vapor because they heat up quickly, but they have a short life cycle due to their fragility, they tend to discharge the battery first and ad use more liquid.

A coil ad high resistence on the contrary it needs one high voltage battery to function properly. Its use means that yes consume less fluid and battery, however, to the detriment of the amount of steam produced.

It is in fact there central component of the electronic cigarette, as its purpose is to vaporize the liquid that is “passed” by the cotton inside.

Together with electrical connector and al cotton, constitutes what is called head. The head should be replaced regularly, depending on how it is used.

Drip Tip

The drip tip and the spout where the mouth rests and which allows you to inhale the vapor produced by the electronic cigarette. There are several models on the market, different from each other in colors, shapes, sizes and materials.

Being a component that affects how smoke is received, it is important to choose the right one.

Some materials, like those metallic, They tend to warm up very quickly; on the contrary, those in plastic material they don’t have this problem, but they can affect the aromatic yield of the liquids used.

There are also gods hybrid materials, such as derlin, which combines the qualities of plastic and metal materials.

Other factors to consider are the draft hole size, which if too small can cause condensation problems, and the length of the drip itself: a shorter drip tip causes the steam is hotter during svapata.


The battery it is usually the largest component of the electronic cigarette. Its power determines, in addition to the duration of use, the operation of the vaporizer, which will issue a greater or lesser quantity of heat, and therefore of smoke, according to it.

The ignition can take place by means of a button, to be held down during the vape or automatically during the aspiration.

Some batteries allow you to use the e-cig even while loading, thanks to the use of a passthrough system.

They can also be equipped with a safety system, called cut-off, which interrupts the power supply to the atomizer to avoid overheating following prolonged use.

Aspire Mulus 18650 Pod Mod – Best Electronic Cigarettes

The Aspire Mulus 18650 Pod Mod Kit is one of the best on the market. Among the main features we find:

  • 4.2ml tank / pod
  • replaceable 18650 battery (not included)
  • Type-C port for fast charging (2A)
  • delivers up to 80W of power
  • vast range of heads, especially for the airy cheek and cheek shot

Vaporesso Target PM80 – Best Electronic Cigarettes

The Vaporesso Target PM80 is a high quality Pod electronic cigarette, with a modern and elegant design. In addition to this we find:

  • serbatoio / pod da 4ml
  • built-in 2000mAh battery (2A microUSB charging in about 60 minutes)
  • delivers up to 80W of power
  • 0.96 ″ TFT color display
  • suitable for airy type shooting

Justfog Q16 Pro – Best Electronic Cigarettes

Another very interesting entry-level kit is the Justfog Q16 Pro, which among its strengths has:

  • serbatoio / pod da 1.9ml
  • 900mAh battery rechargeable via USB, protected against short circuit, overload, electrical overheating and 10 second cut-off function
  • 4 power levels (3.5 – 3.8 – 4.1 – 4.4V)
  • liquid refill from the top with anti-loss and dripping system
  • suitable for cheek shooting

Aspire Nautilus GT Kit – Best Electronic Cigarettes

The Aspire kit with Box Mod Glint and Nautilus GT atomizer is the best choice for passionate and demanding shooters looking for a quality device, which features:

  • serbatoio / pod da 3ml
  • replaceable 18650 battery (not included)
  • Type-C port for fast charging (2A)
  • delivers up to 75W of power
  • suitable for airy cheek and cheek throw
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