Best Family Movies on Disney Plus for Halloween

Here is a short list of the best family movies to see on Disney Plus on Halloween

On October 31st we celebrate the witches’ party, but this does not necessarily mean that it is not possible to enjoy an evening in front of the screen with the family: here some movies to see as a family on Disney Plus on Halloween.

Halloweentown High – Books and Magic | Family Halloween on Disney Plus

Best Family Movies on Disney Plus for Halloween

A teenager, descendant of a family of witches, brings some monstrous friends (orcs and gremlins) to her “mortal world”. Meanwhile, the girl’s high school is threatened by an evil enemy.

This film is the third of the Halloweentown saga, perhaps one of the best. On Disney + you will obviously also find the other two, Halloweentown – Witches are born and Halloweentown II – Kalabar’s revenge, as well as the fourth, in which the leading actress changes. Could you see them all at once?

Girl vs. Monster

Best Family Movies on Disney Plus for Halloween

The night before Halloween, Skylar discovers she is one 5th generation monster hunter. A monster named Demetria is determined to get rid of her before she can continue the family tradition. Skylar and her friends must then team up to defeat Demetria, shelving plans for Halloween night.

This 2012 television movie, directed by Stuard Gillard and produced by Tracey Jeffrey, is naturally inspired by the popular Buffy Vampire Slayer series. The film stars Olivia Holt and won the Radio Disney Music Awards in 2013.

The Wizards of Waverly: The Movie | Family Halloween on Disney Plus

Best Family Movies on Disney Plus for Halloween

Halloween is also synonymous with wizards and magic. The Wizards of Waverly rides this wave based on a popular Disney show and is undoubtedly a great choice for a family night out.

Alex (Selena Gomez) discovers the truth in the phrase “be careful what you want” when the fate of his family is threatened by an erroneous finding that pushes the girl and Justin (her brother) to use every possible trick to find the Stone of Dreams and save her .

Edward scissor hands

Best Family Movies on Disney Plus for Halloween

Generally considered Tim Burton’s graduation film, as well as Johnny Depp’s authentic consecration, in which its original visionary has definitively established itself. The film follows the path common to many films of the early nineties, that is the fairy tale in which there is no lack of criticism of the American provincial bourgeoisie.

One day, a representative goes to offer her cosmetic products to the strange tenant of a Gothic-style manor. So she meets Edward, the creature of an inventor (Vincent Price) who after the latter’s death was left at the mercy of loneliness, with huge scissors instead of hands. The woman will try to get him into society, relying on his skills as a “hairdresser”, but the abyss that divides normal people from the “different” person will make everything difficult.

The Ghost of the Megaplex | Family Halloween on Disney Plus

Best Family Movies on Disney Plus for Halloween

At the local cinema, someone in a creepy black cloak is wreaking havoc. There are two suspects: the alleged ghost of a person who was trapped inside the old cinema when it was demolished and now haunts the new theater, or one of the megaplex employees who pretends to be him.

The film is based on the play The Phantom of the Opera, in a modern and youthful adaptation. He is described by critics as a mix of laughs and chills for the family he sees as the main character, played by Taylor Handley, the 17-year-old deputy director of the theater.

These are some tips for families on Halloween: what do you think? Let us know in the comments, and if you want to know more Halloween movies, always available on Disney +, with a more horror nature, don’t miss our other guide.

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