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Best office chairs | July 2022

In this article, we are going to get to know the best office chairs. Above all, we will understand how to choose the one that can be the best for us and that reflects the characteristics we need

With so many models available, when we speak of the best office chairs you are spoiled for choice. There are so many, including operational chairs, ergonomic and adjustable chairs, office armchairs, executive armchairs, elegant leather chairs, of all kinds and prices. It is really difficult, faced with this vast choice, to rank the best office chairs or armchairs. In this guide, I’m going to explain what office chairs are and how to choose the right one for us. Also, I will try to clear your ideas a bit and make your choice less difficult.

What are office chairs

An office chair, or desk chair, is a type of chair designed for use on a desk in an office. It is usually a swivel chair, with a mobility wheel set e height adjustable (Click here for more info). Office chairs in accordance with the law must first of all be comfortable, stable and allow the employee freedom of movement. At the same time, avoiding sliding forward and other dangerous situations. When you decide to buy an office chair, you go against a vastness of typology, which can discourage us and make the choice seem impossible.

Types of work chairs | Best office chairs

Among the various types we have:

  • Ergonomic chairs: the ergonomic chair is a particular chair designed following the principles of ergonomics.
  • Office armchairs: It must be stable, allow the user freedom of movement as well as a comfortable position. It must have adjustable height independently from the backrest and seat dimensions suitable for the anthropometric characteristics of the user.
  • Operational office chairs: Operational chairs, on the other hand, are armchairs designed for operators who spend a lot of time sitting at their desks, between computers and telephones, and who have no particular needs for representation in public.
  • Computer chairs: The seat and backrest must have rounded edges and be made of material with a level of permeability that does not compromise comfort. The chair must be rotatable to accommodate the changes in position of the worker.
  • Leather chairs: These are chairs covered in leather and quality materials. Otherwise they will be destined to be damaged in a short time and to break. The leather is usually worked in such a way as to obtain thin layers, for this reason it is used to cover furniture and chairs for the office and for the home.
  • Waiting Room Chairs: The sled waiting chairs are a further evolution of the cantilevered ones, because they use more or less thick metal tubes, with a different final result. In both cases, the light bodies and the hinted lines will make the space visually larger.
  • Sedie Gaming: The gaming chair is a chair specifically designed to safeguard the correct posture of the video gamer. Correct posture is vital to avoid back pain and discomfort.

Best office chairs |  July 2022

How to choose the right one for you | Best office chairs

You may never have thought about it, but if you often suffer from back pain and joint painprobably one of the main causes is the posture you assume when sitting at your desk. Or, it could simply be because you spend a lot of time in a sitting position. For this very reason, buying one ergonomic chair, which can ensure the right support for your body, is a wise decision that will surely help you get better. Before proceeding with the purchase and venturing to investigate all the office chairs on offer, you must evaluate your height and that of the desk at which you sit most often. In this way you can opt for a model that allows a greater number of adjustments, and you can really adapt the backrest to your needs.

To identify the best office chairs, the basic requirements for choosing are definitely the ability to change the height of the seat and the inclination of the backrest. The latter should measure at least between 30 and 50 centimeters. In this way you will be able to insert the chair more comfortably under the desk and find yourself at the right distance from the shelf, the keyboard and the mouse, avoiding finding yourself in uncomfortable and often harmful positions.

Armrests: yes or no? | Best office chairs

Another aspect to consider is the eventual presence of armrests. They are as useful as they are underestimated, often and willingly. If you usually need some freedom of movement, you should not only prefer a model with wheels, but also avoid the armrests, which could be an obstacle and also be quite uncomfortable. If, on the other hand, you use the computer, the armrests represent a valid support for your forearms, and buying a model that also allows you to adjust them in height is certainly a wise idea.

Regardless of how you use it, the chair should be comfortable at every station. Cold or hot should therefore not be a particular problem for your new chair. For this reason, you may prefer an eco-leather chair, perhaps equipped with fabric inserts that are able to avoid excessive sweating. The best fabric is certainly the breathable one, which ensures good heat dispersion and therefore makes the chair cool even in the hottest seasons. However, this would not be possible in the case of materials such as leather or leather.

Cost | Best office chairs

Furthermore, one of the main reasons that determines the cost of office chairs is the type of materials used as well as the amount of adjustments available. Especially if you have a few kilos too much, a good office chair must have a sturdy frame, preferably made of steel, carefully assembled and fastened wheels and a padding that supports the loins and, in general, even the most robust people. On the market, however, you will also find some more particular chairs. They will prove to be perfect if you need a specific product, perhaps because you suffer from more serious problems related to the back or joints. In this case, on the market you can find ad hoc chairs, made with accessories that may appear unusual. but which are particularly suitable to help you assume a correct posture.

Some of these accessories, which you will surely have already seen around, are the knee restsbut also various and possible ones additional back supports, with different alternative seats or with rocking support. The latter may seem like a really strange choice, as it resembles the old grandmother’s chair, but it will prove to be perfect for preventing the pelvis from remaining stationary for too many hours at a time. This is very important, especially if you have no way to move often or go to the gym at least three times a week to stretch your muscles.

Convenience and comfort | Best office chairs

However, it is always necessary to take into consideration the fact that chairs of this type should not help you relax, but rather prevent you from assuming incorrect physical attitudes and harmful to the back. For this reason, a model too comfortable is probably not the best choice, although at first it might seem the opposite, because the tension generated by inadequate posture tends to accumulate more when you assume an excessively comfortable position. Obviously you do not notice it at the moment, but this could contribute to back pain, pain in the cervical area, and other even more serious discomforts. Now that you know how to choose your new chair, let’s take a look at some last useful tips, which will help you always get the best out of your chair.

Directions for use | Best office chairs

One of the first things that a chair of this type must guarantee is the correct support for the lumbar area. This is definitely the first way to avoid back pain. Often we tend not to give weight to such a thing but, over the years, these small unheard discomforts can also evolve into chronic pain or into real pathologies. The same goes for the discomfort related to the cervical area, still very underestimated by many users. If you already suffer from these problems, it is always good to consult a doctor first, who may suggest additional therapy to do, in addition to buying the right chair for you.

Obviously, in order to best accommodate you, the chair must be able to support your weight, whatever it is, this means that the frame of the chair must be strong, sturdy. First of all, you need to check the maximum load that the chair of your choice can withstand, especially bearing in mind that the cheapest models, in the best of cases, can support 100 kg. Some models do not exceed 110 kg, but by looking carefully and patiently, you will surely be able to take home a chair that can withstand weights up to 150 kg. Watch out for the wheels: if they are stable and sturdy, then the chair can really hold the weight indicated on its characteristics.

Office chair, the solution

After all this information and clarifications, we are ready to choose the chair that’s right for us. To meet us in this difficult choice, we think of one of the best sites in the field of office or gaming chairs. Let’s talk about Sediada office, what, in my humble opinion, it is the best site which deals with the topic and which offers a vast showcase of products that are right for us.

As already mentioned, drawing up a ranking to understand which is the best office / work chair / chair is really hard, but we tried it anyway. We have compiled a ranking of the best products, based on best-selling models e required. So as to understand which (according to consumers) is the best office chair. If you want to renew the furniture of your company or your studio (office or home) and you want to invest in quality products, this guide will help you in this difficult choice.


One of the best office chairs ever in terms of ergonomics and comfort. There Ergomax, thanks to its characteristics, it placed itself at the top of our ranking. Fully adjustable and with an attractive design, it has been a great success among users, and especially among customers of headquartered in office . It is increasingly in demand for its versatility. It is equipped with any comfort, such as height-adjustable armrests, comfortable padded seat, and moreover adjustable in depth. And again, the adjustable headrest, the padded seat, the ergonomic backrest and the sturdy aluminum structure. These elements contribute to making this model one of the most popular office chairs. It is available in various colors: from classic black to the more eclectic orange.

Best office chairs |  July 2022

Venus Pro

In second place in our ranking of the best office chairs. Comfort, adjustability of the …

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