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Italian Michelin unveils the 2021 Sustainability Report

Italian Michelinthe division of the group that operates on the Italian market, presented the new 2021 Sustainability Report. This is an important report that confirms the steps forward recorded by the company in its project to make its business more sustainable from all points of view. Here are the full details:

Michelin unveils the 2021 Sustainability Report of the Italian division

The company stressed that it has returned to the levels of 2019, thanks to increased productivity and mobility over long distances. The result was achieved with the application of the All Sustainable strategy which is developed through the three Ps (People, Planet and Profit). For the company, therefore, there is a gradual recovery.

Secondo Simone Miatton, President and CEO of Michelin Italy, “This challenge, and the success of its overcoming, has allowed us to consolidate the strengths of the Company and the awareness that we are ready to face the future. We have demonstrated the resilience and validity of our strategy, above all, we have become even more aware of the importance of the bond with our people “

Note that the company has obtained a reduction of emissions of 4,445 tons of CO2, equivalent to the value produced by a fleet of over 1000 trucks. In addition, in the three-year period 2019-2021, the emissions saved amounted to 12,990 tons. The company has also set up theSustainable Tire Management Certificate intended for road haulage fleets.

Il Michelin Italiana Sustainability Report 2021 is available for online consultation, via the company’s official website.

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