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Best program to clone and migrate Windows 10 to SSD

If you want to speed up an old PC, the first thing to do is switch to an SDD. That’s why we recommend the best program to clone and migrate Windows 10 to SSD

Clone operating system to SSD allows you to improve overall PC performance and avoid delays. Furthermore, it allows you to create a backup copy of system files, useful in case of a crash or external attacks. Another reason many users want migrare Windows 10 su SSD it is to use a much larger disk than the original HDD present on the PC.

To clone the operating system, you need to use specific software that allows you to act in a few minutes and without data loss precious. In particular, in this article how 4DDiG Partition Manager works, the best program to migrate Windows 10 to SSD.

Best program to clone and migrate Windows 10 to SSD

What does it mean to clone and migrate Windows 10 to SSD?

In recent years, SSD drive is widely used because compared to HDD it is faster and offers better performance. So it is very common to install an SSD in your PC. Those who do not want to install an internal SSD can easily take advantage of all the advantages of this unit by connecting an external SSD via USB.

This method also allows you to increase storage space and make computers faster old or computers whose hard disk no longer works very well or has been damaged. To use the file system and continue to use the PC normally it is necessary to transfer the data from the HDD to the SSD. In this case, two types of operation can be performed:

1. Clone OS to SSD onlyto have the system files available on the new disk, thus obtaining a faster and more performing PC start-up.

2. Clone OS hard drive to SSDto transfer, in addition to the operating system, also all the contents of the HDD to the SSD, including files, folders, programs and any other data present.

Both operations involve a file transfer, but if we want to use the operating system from the new SSD disk, then it is more correct to say that we want migrate OS to SSD. It means that from now on the system will start from the new disk, a necessary condition to improve performance and make our PC faster.

How to Transfer Windows 10 OS to SSD?

Once upon a time this operation was not easy at all and only expert users were able to perform it. But today there are suitable programs dedicated to everyone users who need to clone OS to SSD, one of them is 4DDiG Partition Manager.

How 4DDiG Partition Manager works

With 4DDiG Partition Manager, you can migrate OS to SSD without data loss and use the new disk immediately no need to reinstall Windows. Its operation is very simple thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface within the reach of all users. To use it, simply download the software, start it and select the files to migrate to the new disk.

Features of 4DDiG Partition Manager

  • Migrate Windows to SSD safely and without reinstalling the operating system
  • It can migrate OS only or whole HDD disk
  • Ideal for creating backups of data and/or system files
  • Work with all types of files and documents, text, audio and video
  • It keeps the customizations, access to accounts and personal settings unchanged
  • Redefine and rearrange disk partitions
  • Suitable for PCs running Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.

How to migrate Windows 10 to SSD: step by step guide

Let’s see specifically how to transfer Windows 10 to new SSD disk using 4DDiG Partition Manager.

  • Before starting, the new SSD disk must be installed in the PC, or, if it is an external drive, connect it via USB. Clearly it must have enough space to contain the operating system we want to migrate.
  • Start 4DDiG Partition Manager. On the main menu click the icon “Migrate the operating system” .
  • Now select the destination SSD disk, then click on “Start”.
  • At this point the software begins the migration by transferring the files, we just have to wait for the completion message.
  • Now it will be possible to use the new SSD disk with the operating system without having to install it again. You just need to insert the new hard drive into your computer.
  • Frequent questions

    1. How to move all files from HDD to SSD?

    To get an exact copy of the HDD you have to clone entire hard drive, including OS on SSD. In this way we will have the contents of the hard disk available on the new SSD disk and we will be able to use it immediately. Or we can just clone it to have a copy available, but still use our HDD. In both cases it is recommended to use software for the SSD operating system, because the simple manual copying of the files could compromise their use and cause the system to malfunction.

    2. How do you copy Windows 10?

    To make a copy of the operating system and be able to use it without reinstalling it, you need Migrate Windows 10 while keeping system settings unchanged and customizing accounts and apps. This way Windows 10 can continue to function normally. To do this we need to get a new disk on which to copy Windows 10, then we can proceed using special software such as 4DDiG Partition Manager.

    3. How to transfer the operating system from one PC to another?

    If we have bought a new PC and want to transfer the operating system from the old one, there are two ways:

    • If in the first PC we already have an SSD disk, we can physically transfer the disk from one PC to another and thus use the new PC.
    • If, on the other hand, we want to keep both PCs, using the same operating system, then we must clone OS to SSDand then install it or connect it via USB to the new PC.


    Cloning OS to SSD allows you to make your computer faster on general startup and every application launch. With 4DDiG Partition Manager we can proceed to migrate the operating system to SSD in a few simple steps and thus obtain the transfer of the operating system without having to reinstall it all over again. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!