Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views | November 2021

Let’s find out which are the best sites to buy YouTube views quickly, safely and effectively

With more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, YouTube is a leading online video sharing platform. YouTube’s success also means it’s highly competitive, with 72,000 hours of video uploaded every day. Launching a channel or promoting a video can therefore be difficult for newcomers, so many users decide to buy YouTube views to increase their visibility. This kind of practice is really useful, but how can you avoid being scammed when you decide to buy YouTube views?

The best sites to buy YouTube views

Amidst a large amount of sites selling YouTube views, we recognize the following. – Best sites to buy YouTube views

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views |  November 2021 is a great platform on which to buy YouTube views without losses. The site specializes in offering boosts on YouTube and TikTok. With, you have the possibility to buy between 500 and 100000 international views or between 1000 and 50000 exclusively Italian views from real members. The offer of this platform for YouTube channels is also very rich, from comments to dislikes, likes and subscriptions. has a very active network on YouTube, which helps optimize the relevance of your community. – Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views |  November 2021 is a platform where you can improve your viewers without risk. The site’s offer is very wide, with packages ranging from 1000 to 20,000 views. When you choose a site offer, the purchased views are spread over several days to ensure a progressive and natural increase of your video without arousing suspicion. In addition to views, also offers other offers for your YouTube channel, including buying YouTube likes, subscribers etc. – Best sites to buy YouTube views

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views |  November 2021

Socialseguaci is a great site to buy YouTube views. The views provided by this site are of excellent quality with good retention. It is certainly one of the best sites to buy views. Also, the site allows its customers to pay with PayPal which is very important for people who want to buy views without having to use other payment methods. – Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views |  November 2021

With, you also have the option to buy 500 YouTube views to start improving your channel’s business, or go up to 50,000 views for a more ambitious project. This site is also one of the most popular among YouTubers, which leads us to align it with the top two in this ranking. An examination of the viewers generated by this provider confirms that they are real members. The aspect is not left out, however, and the views purchased on are distributed over several days to avoid alerting YouTube anti-spam bots.

How do I buy YouTube views?

The YouTube views buying process takes just a few clicks, whether you opt for a cheap views package of a few hundred views or a more ambitious offer.

  • You go to a reliable website;
  • Identify the offer that suits your budget and your needs;
  • Fill in the field for your YouTube video link;
  • Pay for your order;
  • Receive the views you have ordered progressively over several days.

Is it profitable to buy cheap YouTube views?

There are many platforms for buying YouTube views on the Internet, with sometimes very competitive offers. Some content creators and streamers then decide to buy cheap YouTube views. While attractive, these low-cost offers don’t always turn out to be profitable and don’t bring the desired results. It is not uncommon for lower prices to hide a scam.

Worst of all, your view provider uses a bot-sending program to increase your channel’s views. Watch time is one of the criteria used by YouTube to evaluate the audience of the videos uploaded by users. For example, if you decide to buy 1,000 cheap YouTube views, you end up with a sudden explosion in your audience, but with only a few seconds of viewing.

This is where the quality of an online audience’s purchase comes into play. Good providers are in fact those who have a community with real YouTube accounts to watch, like or disapprove of your videos. We mentioned 3 of these sites earlier in our article. Choosing the views only in Italian is even more interesting, as criteria such as geolocation will further improve the promotion of your video on YouTube.

How much does a YouTube view pack cost?

YouTube views offerings are available in a wide range of prices to suit all types of needs:

  • 100 views: between € 1.99 and € 2.99
  • 300 views: between € 2.00 and € 3.50
  • 500 views: between € 2.32 and € 3.99.
  • 1000 views: between € 2.74 and € 6.99.
  • 2000 views: between € 3.99 and € 12.99.
  • 5000 views: between € 9.00 and € 25.9.
  • 10000 views: between € 17.00 and € 54.99
  • 100000 views: between € 194.99 and € 299.
  • 1000000 views: between € 1389 and € 2399

Buying 100 YouTube Views: Is It Enough?

Buying 100 YouTube views is a way to start promoting a video or channel. However, this does not allow to generate real notoriety in the face of the competition. Buying 100 views basically allows you to simulate an interest in a video on your channel.

Buying 300 views: who is it for?

Buying 300 views on YouTube is suitable for YouTubers who are just starting out and have a few dozen subscribers to their channels. This package is a good way to attract a few more visitors. You can also buy 300 YouTube views on different videos on your channel to promote it.

Buying 1,000 YouTube views – a little help

Buying 1,000 YouTube views is the first step in improving your visibility. However, this visualization package can be ineffective if you work in a very competitive market. Buying 1,000 YouTube views across different videos can help you if you want to start a career as a streamer, influencer, or start promoting a small business.

Buying 10,000 YouTube Views: Too Much or Not Enough?

Buying 10,000 YouTube views is a great alternative in certain fields such as corporate communication, product sales or influencer videos. Some YouTubers also choose to buy 5,000 YouTube views on different videos to improve the overall visibility of their channels.

However, buying 5,000 YouTube views or 10,000 views is not enough if you want to launch your career as an artist. It is important to know that the competition in the world of music, like rap, is several hundred thousand views for an Italian audience and can exceed one million views on YouTube internationally.

Another interesting avenue to explore is to buy YouTube watch hours which allows you to monetize your channel if you have more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

Buying 100,000 YouTube Views: Profitable?

Instead of buying 10,000 or 50,000 views, investing in 100,000 is the best alternative for launching an artist’s career. This package is a successfully insured boost to your visibility. If you have several videos on your channel, it is also advisable to promote the secondary content with a cheap package such as buying 500 YouTube views, in order to improve the overall credibility of your channel. Also, if you stream your videos on other platforms like TikTok, it can also be very interesting to buy followers or views on social media as if one of your videos goes viral and creates a trend, it will be quite obvious that you get more views and followers than those. you would normally receive. The same goes for those who publish videos on insta IGTVs, so it can be very profitable to buy subscribers to make it more natural.

Buying 1 Million YouTube Views: Just for the Stars?

For ambitious artists, buying 1 million views can create buzz and can fundamentally change the course of a career. Buying Italian YouTube views in large purchases like this is more advisable in highly competitive fields like rap.