Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones review: without too many pretensions

The new Mi True Wireless Earphones are the latest attack on the in-ear headphones market that Xiaomi has designed to beat the competition. Will they ever have the power to gain a good share of the market? Let’s find out in this review!

Xiaomi is the most fit Chinese company of the moment. The number of stores in Italy is increasing more and more and the products that were previously only available online from non-third-party sites, can now be easily purchased from official retailers, even on the official website or on the dedicated app. Among the new Xiaomi products we find the Mi True Wireless Earphones, the new bluetooth in-ear headphones ready to fight with its competitors.

But will they really be up to it? Their use is with iOS that with Android, will it be able to question the other headphones currently on the market such as the new generation of AirPods or Samsung Galaxy Buds? So let’s see what Xiaomi offers us with the new Mi True Wireless Earphones.

Attractive design but already seen – Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Review

Le Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones they are very reminiscent of Apple AirPods in their design, except for the “stem” of the headset which is much longer. Even the charging case is similar to that of the Apple product, but it differs in being larger and heavier. For its part, however, the price is quite competitive and the really good quality / price ratio.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones review: without too many pretensions

the Mi Airdots Pro, as they call them in China, however, they are not a trivial attempt at imitation and have their pros, and not a few. First, they are a lot comfortable once worn and, even if they are in-ear, they do not give the usual discomfort that you get from wearing this type of earphone for a long time.

As is the practice for all headphones, inside the box we find the silicone earphones in three different sizes: S, M (already mounted on the headphones) and L. In this way everyone can try and find the best possible comfort. There is also to say that, thanks to IPX4 certification, Mi True Wireless Earphones are resistant to sweat and moisture as well you can also use them for sports. In this case, especially when running, the headphones seem to slip from the ear but in reality they remain well fixed and, even with strange and fast movements of the head, they remain anchored.

Smart headphones, but not too much – Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Review

As with all wireless headphones, the main stress occurs when the various usable commands are activated. On this, the Mi True Wireless Earphones are really comfortable but Xiaomi has really stopped at what is strictly necessary.

Usage is easy. If you are wearing both headphones, that’s enough double click on the right earphone to play or pause to the music, while if you carry out the same procedure for the left one then ours is activated voice assistant. For the latter, the first time we should choose between Siri / Bixby, Alexa or Google Assistant. If you want to answer or end a phone call, just one tap on one of the earphones is enough. In case you want to activate / deactivate the noise cancellation instead just hold down on the headset for 3 seconds. If you are wearing only one headset, then it will not be possible to call up the voice assistant because the double tap will only pause / play the music we are listening to.

Of course, like the direct competitors, the Mi True Wireless Earphones connect directly to our device as soon as the charging box is opened and pause the music if removed from the ear. As we can see, however, compared to all other in-ear headsets worthy of being defined as smart, the Mi True Wireless Earphones do not allow certain actions such as going forwards or backwards with music or turning the volume up or down. This can be done via voice assistant but only if you are wearing both headphones. Furthermore, it becomes uncomfortable when you are in environments where it is not always possible to talk to our voice assistant or for those who are not used to using it. Limits that you do not expect from Xiaomi branded headphones for which, however, you can make a compromise thanks to the affordable price.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones review: without too many pretensions

Technical Specifications – Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Review

Let’s start by saying that the Mi True Wireless Earphones are compatible with both devices Android than with those iOS, also you can connect them to any tablet O PC that has a bluetooth connection. The total weight between case and earphones is 58 grams. But for the in-ear headphones, which are born for the convenience of use, the most important requirement is the long battery life. The Mi True Wireless Earphones allow the use of 3 hours for single earphone if you use it without noise cancellation and at 80% volume. Each total charge lasts one hour, but already with ten minutes we can get 70% of the charging of the headphones. The case uses touch-to-charge technology with Hall magnetic charging and includes a USB Type-C port. The connection is made via technology Bluetooth 4.2 and has a maximum range of 10 meters.

The excellent sound reproduced is thanks to a speaker in titanium plated coil and a 7mm neomide magnet. In addition, the Mi True wireless earphones support the codec AAC, which means that the original sound is restored more completely and the voices do not blend with the external environment. Calls are also of a very high quality, thanks to two earpiece microphones that allow our interlocutor to hear our voice in a clear way. The ANC systemInstead, it doesn’t seem to have that high impact and the difference between when it’s on or off isn’t that big. Basically, however, the noises are already attenuated and do not disturb the listening.

On the Xiaomi earphones we find the proximity sensors which allow us to pause the music the moment we remove one of the earphones. This happens to better manage the battery and not have unnecessary waste, as in all in-ear headphones. In addition, they automatically manage quick connection to the device as soon as the charging case is opened. There energy saving function however it allows him to avoid the automatic connection if they are not used for 30 minutes, thus entering Suspension and reducing the use of the battery, and then reconnecting to the device only once worn.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones review: without too many pretensions

Cheap but unpretentious, they become an excellent alternative

The final conclusion of this review is that these Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones convince on many points of view, which allows you to overlook some important shortcomings. The audio is very good and also on call it allows us to listen and be heard by our interlocutor clearly and without disturbances. There battery life is exceptional. Ben 10 hours if you use them to listen to music, it means at least a duration almost three times if you do not use them continuously. As already mentioned, then, the Mi True Wireless Earphones sono comode and do not tire after using them for several hours in a row.

Turning to the negative sides, it is impossible not to notice the lack of some features. While it is possible to do this via voice assistant, the lack of ability to increase or decrease the volume or change songs via a slide on the headphones is unnerving. A use in the office, for example, for those who do not want to disturb colleagues, becomes stressful as you are always forced to use your smartphone. Another flaw is the lack of a dedicated app which allows you to check the status of the headphones. With Android, for example, the percentage of charge is reported to us every time the headphones are connected to the device, but it is not possible to understand at what percentage of charge they are once connected.

To conclude, the Mi True Wireless Earphones are an economic proposal from Xiaomi that should not be underestimated. Comfortable and of good quality, they are the right alternative to the more expensive Buds from Samsung and Airpods from Apple. Also, at the discounted price on Amazon and Mediaworld’s 79.99€ become even more palatable. Of course, if competitors lower their price during a discount period, perhaps the economic effort would be justified by more cutting-edge smart features. For those who do not have many pretensions, the Mi True Wireless Earphones become the best purchase.

The right alternative, from Xiaomi

Points in favor

  • Comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Great audio

Points against

  • Some smart features are missing
  • Dedicated app missing
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