Lo stadio Olimpico di Roma ospiterà l'Esports Summit 2021 thumbnail

The Olympic Stadium in Rome will host the 2021 Esports Summit

While the graphic question is destined to remain unsolvable (there are those who prefer esports and those who prefer e-sports, not to mention those who use the capital e or s), at least one thing is unanimous: the passion continues to grow for competitive gaming. As we will also see from some recent reports.

And as evidenced by an event that will take place on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 November. And which will have as its location none other than the Olympic stadium in Rome.

We are talking aboutSports Summit 2021, an event organized by Mkers and Social Media Soccer and destined to last over time.

Let’s find out everything there is to know about an event that is already making the mouth water of many esports fans. And let’s take a closer look at some numbers of a rapidly expanding phenomenon.


Esports Summit: Explaining and rewarding esports

A setting as prestigious as the Olympic stadium in Rome, capable of holding over 70,000 spectators, could only be chosen for an event of great impact.

And indeed the 2021 Esports Summit will have a dual objective. To further expand the audience of gamers, bringing the curious (and companies) closer and explaining to them what esports are. But also to retain players and fans, through what has been called the Esports Summit Awards.

We see both souls of the manifestation.

The world of Esports in 360 degrees

The preponderant part of the two days in Rome will be dedicated to telling the esports universe in all its facets.

To do this, all the players who in various ways are making the exponential growth of the sector possible have been called. In addition to institutions, there will be publishers, organizers and of course teams. The 2021 edition will touch on all the main themes of this universe.

For example, we will tell you how to form a team. Or how to organize a strong event in all its details impact. Or, again, how to invest in the sector.

Part of the two days will then be dedicated to the dissemination of some issues that should overturn the stereotype of the asocial and problematic player: from inclusion to sustainability.

Great attention will also be paid to the world of numbers. Regarding not only the statistics (of the games, the spectators, etc.) but also the financing and investments. For example, there will be a focus on the relationship between esports and cryptocurrencies.

The 2021 edition of the Sports Summit will be held in a hybrid version, partly in person and partly in live streaming.

Sports Summit Awards

The Esports Summit Awards will also be staged on 17 and 18 November at the Olimpico.

It is an award that will celebrate the best European teams, and will act as a driving force to attract new fans and new investors.

The award ceremony will take place in the Gaming House, created in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Italia, on the evening of November 17th. He will present Emilio Cozzi, one of the most appreciated Italian exponents.

The categories awarded will be:

  • Best European Esport Team, which will reward the best competitive results obtained in the last season, the effectiveness of communication, the activations carried out during the last year, the growth in numerical terms and the impact on the reference market
  • Best European FPS Player, Best European Moba Player, Best European Sport Player, which will celebrate the competitive results obtained during the year, the communication, the growth and the perception of their fanbase
  • Best Competitive Event, for the best event in terms of participation with respect to the reference target, organization and caliber of the partners involved
  • Best Activation, which rewards the impact of an activation on the export market, considering the number of products offered and the level of perception of the reference target.


The declarations of the organizers

Gianfilippo Valentini of Social Media Soccer said: “Esport Summit was born from the awareness that the export world must promote events of this type. For years we have been sharing a serious project with Mkers to enhance a rapidly evolving sector. “

Paolo Cisaria of Mkers echoes him: “It is a pleasure to collaborate with Social Media Soccer. For us, the Esport Summit is an inclusive project, but above all the opportunity for a constructive and concrete comparison between professionals, subjects who have been investing in innovation for years in an Italian scenario that is unfortunately still too self-referential “.

The boom of esports

Reports follow one another that indicate the excellent health enjoyed by esports.

Among the most recent we point out that of Censis-Iidea, according to which 58.5% of Italians already know videogame competitions. Of them, 40.5% give a positive opinion.

Those who know the world of esports consider it a beautiful form of entertainment (52.4%), a healthy way to compete (40.7%), a tool for developing new skills (36.7%), a way to learn new people (29.1%).

For 73.3%, esports are a stimulating and original experience.

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