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Best tv series on CHILI Tv | March 2023

We have selected for you a list of the best TV series to watch on the streaming platform, CHILI Tv. Among a vast selection of unmissable titles and breathtaking content; here’s everything you need to know to rent or buy the most coveted series of the moment

CHILI Tv is the main Italian platform dedicated to the rental and purchase of TV series and original titlesi in digital format. In fact, within its rich catalog there are a vast series of titles and contents dedicated to all kinds of ages, without exclusion. To be able to enjoy the TV product comfortably from home; no type of annual or monthly subscription is required, but only payment when purchasing or renting the TV series.

The downloaded contents are easily visible from all the different devices: computers, Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets.

Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

Before we begin, all the content presented here for our special guide; they have been listed randomly and are all equally valid. Here is everything you need to know to enjoy a March full of twists and turns and great emotions.

12-Succession | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

The smell of money and the desire for power are the backdrop to the successful TV series, Succession. HBO family drama with leading actor Brian Cox; is present in the rich catalog proposed by CHILI TV platform.

Following the decision of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), patriarch and tycoon at the head of one of the mass media and entertainment conglomerates in the world, not to retire from the corporate scene; relationships of love and brotherhood replace a series of subterfuges of domination and power. A series capable of revealing in a raw and direct way how money and the desire to conquer outclass any type of relationship or emotional bond.

Award-winning TV series, is directed by Jesse Armstrong, and stars Jeremy Strong; Sarah Snook; Kieran Culkin; Alan Ruck; Matthew Macfadyen; Nicholas Braun; Peter Friedman and Dagmara Dominczyk.

11-House of the Dragon | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

Family vicissitudes and intrigues do not fail in the next best TV series on the CHILI TV platform; House of the Dragonthe highly anticipated prequel to Games of Thrones born from the creative pen of George R.R. Martin. HBO fantasy drama series, takes shape about 200 years before the bloody events seen in the aforementioned Game of Thrones, focusing on the fall of House Targaryen up to the civil conflict that broke out in the Seven Kingdoms, known as the Dance of the Dragons.

Fifth King of the Seven Kingdoms, chosen by the Great Council of Lords to succeed his late grandfather King Jaehaerys I; Viserys I Targaryen I finds himself drawn into the difficult nomination of his successor. Finding himself a widower and without a male heir; all his trust falls on his eldest daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen. However, the accession to the throne of the young girl is put to the test by a continuous succession of dissensions throughout the kingdom.

10-Three extraordinary stories | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

Exceptionally available free of charge on the CHILI TV platform starting from 8 March, it is the totally made in Italy miniseries, entitled Three extraordinary stories.

Directed by David Campagna and produced by She is Pugliese per Naturally growing up; the protagonists of the story are fifteen boys sentenced to death, forced to have to choose who among them can survive. Three out of the ordinary stories, with a zigzag of out of the ordinary events. Three boys’ stories about the extraordinary power of human feelings.

9-Sharp Objects | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

The traumas of the past and the weight of a dysfunctional relationship come back knocking on the door of the protagonist Amy Adams in the TV series Sharp Objects.

Crime drama inspired by Gillian Flynn’s novel; is the story of an investigative journalist who deals with crime cases, Camille Preaker; she just released from a psychiatric hospital after a long history of self-harm. Camille will be called to investigate the mysterious deaths of two girls and this assignment will bring her back to her hometown, Wind Gap. Here she will be forced to reconnect with her mother, in a family atmosphere that appears toxic.

Created by Marti Noxon and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée; sees protagonists besides the aforementioned Amy Adams; Patricia Clarkson; Chris Messina; Henry Czerny; Madison Davenport; Will Chase; Lulu Wilson ed Elizabeth Perkins.

8-The New Man-The Election Day | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

The fate of the whole country is decided in the TV series, The New Man – The Election Day. Political thriller in which power plays, scandals and twists and turns will take turns, influencing the existence of a group of characters in a dystopian future scenario with Italy outside the European Union and on the brink of civil war.

Produced by Wonderful Entertainment in collaboration with HeroShot e Art and Work; is written and directed by Andrea Murchio, as well as being totally produced in Italy.

7-11.22.63 | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

For those who love i dive into the past and the possibility of living it intensely; here comes forward among the best titles found on CHILI TV, the miniseries 11.22.63. Based on the novel by Stephen King 11/22/63; follows the story of the modest divorced English teacher, who accidentally becomes aware of a portal capable of taking him back into the past, with the task of preventing the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Produced by J.J. Abrams together with the collaboration of Stephen King; was Designed by Bridget Carpenter, starring James Franco and Chris Cooper. Produced by Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot.

6-The Pacific | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

The struggle for survival and the fear of death interface in this war drama directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. Starring the amazing Tom Hanks, the series takes inspiration from tragic events that actually occurred during the war conflict of the Second World War. Nine endless hours of battle, lived through the story of real men; of those who have experienced the war firsthand on their own skin.

A choral, intimate and profound tale; focused more on the story of two soldiers (John Basilone and Robert Lecki), both who really existed and whose written memoirs were used as a primary narrative source.

The series was also produced thanks to the collaboration of network HBO together with Seven Network Australia and DreamWorks.

5-Supernatural | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

Terrifying events make their way into the TV series Supernaturalone of many titles available in the catalogue of the platform CHILI Tv. Paranormal and dramatic genre created by Eric Kripke and produced for fifteen seasons.

The protagonists of the story are the two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, orphaned after the terrible death of their mother at the hands of a terrifying demon. Since that day, the father moved by the pain of death; he educates his two sons to hunt and battle everything that is supernatural, with the aim of freeing the world from hidden evil. But when the man disappears, his children decide to carry on his mission.

4-Fringes | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

Government experiments and the paranormal intersect in the series selected for you on CHILI Tv, entitled Fringe. Designed by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci; an inexplicable supernatural phenomenon (defined by the American National Security with the name The Pattern), seems to be spreading rapidly without any valid explanation. It will be up to the FBI agent Olivia Dunham solve the case. To help her will be a brilliant scientist, Dr. Walter Bishop, together with his son Peter, a young man with superior intelligence who lives by his wits and small scams in order to earn something.

Produced by Warner Bros. Television, stars Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson; joined by John Noble, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole, Seth Gabel, Kirk Acevedo, Mark Valley.

3-Barry | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

To stay on the light side and enjoy the vision of an atypical comedy from the comfort of your home; between best series proposals it is impossible not to mention, Barry. Critically acclaimed dark comedy, winner of 10 awards (including three Emmy Award); the adventures of Barry, a depressed, underpaid killer from the Midwest. Alone and dissatisfied, he travels to Los Angeles to kill an aspiring actor. After tracking his target, Barry ends up being welcomed into the group and decides to start a new life as an aspiring actor. His criminal past, however, will come back to haunt him.

Produced by HBO and designed by Alec Bergstars Bill Hader (also as producer) and Henry Winkler.

2-Room 104 | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

The most bizarre and sentimental stories of customers occupy a place of excellence in theunmissable best series featured on CHILI TV; Room 104. Created by brothers Jay e Mark Duplass, develops in the typical American hotel room, Room 104. An anthological series in which each episode focuses on the events (sometimes comical, sometimes tragic) of the various guests who entertain each other. Between conflicts, fears and deep confessions; the infinite potential enclosed in colors and images of all kinds, in a little gem to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

With leading actors Melonie DiazRoss Partridge, Clark Duke, James Van Der BeekSameerah Luqmaan-Harris, Orlando Jones, Jay Duplass, Karan Soni, Poorna Jagannathan.

1-Boston Legal | Best tv series on CHILI Tv to watch

Brilliant (and bizarre!) lawyers are ready to clash with the sound of legality, in order to defeat their bitter opponents; this is what can be seen in the unmissable comedy created by David E. Kelley, Boston Legal (in which everything seems granted). Winner of two Emmy Awards, a Golden Glob; originated as a spin-off series of The Practice; follows the story of Alan Shorea young upstart and Danny Crane, his old friend and mentor, ready to cross any limit of the limit in order to achieve their goals … even at the cost of not doing justice.

With leading actors Candice Bergen; James Spader; Lake Bell; Mark Valley; Monica Potter; Rene Auberjonois e Rhona Mitra.

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