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Serially: the platform for free and legal streaming of TV series

In a market full of streaming services with monthly and annual subscriptions, Serially has also been included, the first platform for free and legal streaming of TV series: let’s find out all the details together

As TV series have grown in popularity, so have the numbers of all subscription services offering an inordinate amount of them for a fixed monthly or yearly price. If we think of the classics Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV and Disney Plus we have only a narrow view of what the current on-demand streaming market is. And for all those who are more budget conscious and don’t want to spend extra money? In addition to the unclean methods (which we always advise against using, especially due to the legal consequences and the low quality of the general service) there is also a completely legal alternative: Serially.

Serially: many TV series in free and legal streaming, how does it work?

Serially is a platform born in October 2021 from the hands of two Italian entrepreneurs. The app is available for practically all iOS and Android systems, as well as on all Smart TVs, in addition of course to the possibility of reaching it via browser. Serially offers a fair amount of TV series (with a small section dedicated to animation as well) whose productions come from countries such as Korea, China, Sweden, England and Spain, as well as obviously some local productions. As far as genres are concerned, you can obviously find anything: from thriller, to drama, from comedy to horror and so on.

Advertising! | Serially: the platform for free and legal streaming of TV series

The attractiveness of Serially is given by the fact that it is possible to enjoy the complete streaming TV series catalog without any limitation completely free. The only price to pay is, of course, viewing advertisements that intersperse the vision of the series. All you need to do is register on the site (you can also log in with your Google or Facebook account if you don’t want to enter data) and you will be free to explore the Serially catalog in comfort from your device.

The Premium Membership | Serially: the platform for free and legal streaming of TV series

Obviously, for those who don’t want to be bothered by advertisements, there is also a Premium plan which has a strangely low cost. Not so much the monthly one, whose price is currently €4.99 with the possibility of canceling the subscription when you want, but the annual rate amounts to €25.99, with a saving of more than half the cost actual. When compared to the prices of other similar services it is very attractive.

Serially: the platform for free and legal streaming of TV series

Good vision!

And that’s all there is to know about Serially, the legal and free streaming platform of TV series. Let us know what you think of the service below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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