Best TV series on Netflix to watch |  March 2021

Best tv series on Netflix to watch | April 2023

Netflix is ​​a successful streaming service born in the United States, which arrived in Italy a few years ago. But what are the truly unmissable contents of this platform? We have selected for you the best TV series on Netflix to watch!

The following list of best tv series to watch on netflix it is not classified but randomly numbered. All the contents in this list are equally valid, especially considering the different genres of belonging. It will be up to the viewer to choose, among those listed below, the TV series that best suit your personal tastes. However the advice is to give each of these contents a chance without being conditioned by prejudices of any kind, trust me you will not regret it!

Best tv series on Netflix to watch

We invite you to report in the comments which are in your opinion the best TV series on Netflix and why they affected you so much. Not a subscriber yet? Find out how to get Netflix for free!

42 – For Life | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

For Life is an original series of the legal drama genre, loosely inspired by true events, which deals with the vicissitudes of Aaron Wallace, African-American prisoner who qualified as a lawyer in prison. Thanks to his profession, he defends other convicts, although his ultimate goal is to exonerate himself from the unjust sentence he suffered and for which he is serving a very severe sentence for drug trafficking that he has never committed.

41 – Space Force | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Coming in late May, it’s one of the most long-awaited series on the platform. In this comedy show the protagonists receive the task of founding a space aeronautics department of the third millennium, with the idea of ​​adding a new armed force of the US army. From Greg Daniels, guarantee of comedy with Parks and Recreation, we expect a lot of laughs.

The cast is particularly rich and bodes well: Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Steve Carrell. What can I say more, we look forward to the release!

40 – Communities | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Community is a TV series created by Dan Harmon. Tells the story of Jeff Winger, a lawyer with a suspended license, intent on conquering former political activist Britta Perry. To do this he will create a fictional study group, to which, however, other students will join. Despite their different ages, characters and personalities, the group grows together and all develop a close friendship with each other.

Sit-com cracklingespecially popular, especially overseas, is on every good to-do list.

39 – Bloodride | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

One of the most interesting March news on Netflix is ​​Bloodride, out on the 13th of the month. Bloodride is signed by Kjetil Indregard, the same director of the original Maniac series, then replicated in the excellent American version. It will be an anthology series, in which each episode will end independently of the others. Each story is set in a realistic yet whimsical world.

The new project ruthlessly mixes horror moments and hilarious dialoguesthus creating a truly unique show of its kind.

The award-winning director is directing the episodes Atle Knudsen and Geir Henning Hopland, together with the creative team of production house Monster Scripted. Authentic Norwegian product, we are sure it will amaze you.

38 – Sons of Anarchy | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Sons of Anarchy is an American television series created by Kurt Sutter and broadcast for seven seasons from 2008 to 2014 by FX.

The series tells the story of a biker gang organized into the Sons of Anarchy club and is set in the fictional town of Charming, located in San Joaquin County in California.

Seven seasons of pure adrenaline seasoned with an endless web of lies and conspiracies, as well as a stellar cast. Absolutely recommended.

37 – Riverdale | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

In March 2020, the new season of Riverdale will arrive, a teen drama produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Television and CBS. The series narrates the life of Archie Andrews in the fictional small town of Riverdale and explore the darkness hidden behind his seemingly perfect image. Between heinous murders and mysteries, nothing is as it seems.

The terrifying adventures of Sabrina. Interesting for this and other reasons.

Nel cast KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinheart, Camila Mendes e Madelaine Petsch.

36 – Followers | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Followers is an original Japanese production that will be distributed by Netflix from February 27, 2020.

The series ascribes to the dystopian television genre, centered on the disturbing implications of technology and its effects on contemporary society. Needless to say, the series has strong influences from Black Mirror, a cult not to be missed.

In the Tokyo setting we will enter the dark side of social media. Here an aspiring actress becomes famous thanks to a photo of her on Instagram of her: the doors of social popularity are opened for her. Now her life is intertwined with that of many other women who, like her, pursue their own ambitions and are ready to do anything to succeed.

Series that intrigues, at least for the different approach to the topic of alienation.

35 – Van Helsing | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Van Helsing is a series created by Neil LaBute with Kelly Overton and Vincent Gale, broadcast starting in 2016.

It’s about an action-fantasy with a horror background, which follows a woman related to the famous vampire hunter Van Helsing: the young Vanessa Helsing (Kelly Overton) awakens from a long coma to find that the vampires are in power, after a natural disaster has darkened the sun forever. She is the last hope humans have for a counteroffensive.

Serie nice and light enough, of sure great visibility. A little curiosity: each episode of the third season of Van Helsing is titled with the name of a Soundgarden song.

34 – Dracula | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Dracula is a TV miniseries created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, starring Claes Bang.

With a very british tonetells what would happen if Dracula, the first of the vampires, was catapulted into third millennium. The plot, in three episodes of an hour and a half each, is full of time jumps and plots that are rarely seen, with such quality on the small screen. Add to this that the charisma of the prince of evil is narrated in an ironic but never banal tone.

And great product, funny and horror at the right point, also recommended for those who don’t have time to follow a wide-ranging TV series. Here is our more detailed opinion.

33 – Locke & Key | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Locke & Key is a TV series by kind of horror of 2020, created by Joe Hill, with Darby Stanchfield and Connor Jessup.

The series is based on the comic of the same name by Joe Hill. The horror drama tells the story of brothers Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott) who, having lost their father, barbarously murdered by a deranged student, decide to move away together with their mother Nina ( Darby Stanchfield) a Keyhousethe historic family home located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts, to try to overcome the mourning.

Upon their arrival, the boys discover that the keys that open the doors of the entire mansion they are bewitched. Each of them gives its wielder a super power and is inexplicably linked to the death of his father and to an evil entity named Dodge, capable of assuming different appearances and voices depending on the fears of those in front of him.

Interesting release for this month, which could reserve many surprises.

32 – Sex Education | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Sex Education is a Netflix original series written by emerging screenwriter Laurie Nunn and directed by Ben Taylor.

British comedy is all about a shy and awkward high school student named Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), who can be considered an expert in sex education by osmosis: his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson, already seen in The X-Files), is a sex therapist and raised him by teaching him, against his will , advice and intimate observations of all kinds.

Sex Education tells of the sentimental problems of some teenagers in a relaxed and modern way, calmly frank and without too many moralizing. He has had some success among teenagers, but whatever age group you are in, don’t be prejudiced and give him a chance.

31 – Lost in Space | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Lost in Space is a science fiction series created by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Based on the show of the same name from the 60s, it starts from planet Earth, now on the verge of collapse due to pollution, overpopulation and a strange comet that seems destined to crash. The planet is no longer hospitable to its inhabitants and thus begins a new era of colonization projected towards the universe.

The Robinson family is one of the families chosen to undertake the long journey to the planet Alpha Centauri, the new paradise where you can start from scratch. Once aboard the spacecraft, bound for a new beginning, however, something goes wrong and the Robinson’s spaceship is damaged due to a malfunction, forcing them to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet.

The TV series deals with a by now inflated genre, but it does so with a certain amount of originality and a good photograph. What to say more, try to start it!

30 – The Witcher | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

The Witcher is a Netflix fantasy series based on the homonymous literary saga by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, from which a famous action RPG video game was also based. Henry Cavill.

The story centers on Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill, to be precise), a genetically modified human being endowed with supernatural powers with which to defeat the most fearsome monsters of the Slavic tradition, scattered in a fictional medieval continent divided between the Empire of Nilfgaard and the Kingdom of Temeria. His life is marked by the missions entrusted to him, and which in most cases prove to be simpler than social relationships with other human beings, often more wicked than beasts, until Geralt crosses the powerful witch Yennefer of Vengerberg on his path (Anya Chalotra) and the young princess Cirilla (Freya Allan).

Netflix’s flagship fantasy series that closed 2019 won the approval of most critics, even if it didn’t turn out to be perfect. Surely, however, it is to be followed, also in view of a practically certain second season.

29 – Marianne | Best Netflix series

Best tv series on Netflix to watch |  April 2023

Marianne is a French television series created by Samuel Bodin and is one of the original productions of Netflix.

The protagonist of the story is Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois), a young writer of horror books who has recently returned to her hometown. Soon Emma will discover that Marianne, the wicked witch who tormented her childhood and who became the antagonist of her books about her, is more real than she imagined. Marianne is back to punish Emma…and she…