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Car coupon: what it is, deadlines and costs

If you’re a motorist, you’ve probably heard of the importance of car service. It’s a crucial practice that should be integrated into your routine, just like auditing or insurance. However, unlike the latter, the car coupon is not subject to legal checks or penalties if neglected. But be careful, because the bill will arrive anyway, and will often be saltier than you imagine. In this article, we’ll explore what exactly a car service entails and why you should take it seriously.

Car coupon: what it is, deadlines and costs

Basic Maintenance | Car coupon

The term “maintenance” refers to the basic maintenance of your vehicle, which includes the periodic inspection of components and the replacement of parts subject to wear. Although the manufacturer’s official workshops carry out checks and repairs according to a plan specific to your model, other workshops licensed and independent they evaluate the efficiency of the main parts based on the kilometers driven and the age of the vehicle.

In a typical car service, the following steps are performed:

1. Visual inspection

The inspection begins with a visual assessment of the condition of the car body. This step can reveal signs of damage or wear and tear that may not be immediately apparent.

2. Electronic diagnosis

Through a diagnostic system, the car’s control unit (its electronic brain) is interrogated to identify any errors or malfunctions. This step is essential for identify hidden problems which could compromise the safety and performance of the vehicle.

3. Replacement of Essential Parts

In a “standard” coupon, the following components are replaced:

4. Verifications To Critical Bodies

During the service, essential checks are performed, including:

  • Fluid level check (brake fluid, coolant, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the wear of the braking system
  • Inspection of tire wear and integrity

Car coupon: what it is, deadlines and costs

Deadlines | Car coupon

Everything is fine car manufacturer provides a guide on the frequency of the coupons in the use and maintenance booklet supplied with the vehicle. These can be based on mileage or years, whichever comes first. If you drive a lot, you will probably reach the mileage deadline sooner, while those who use the car on a limited basis will have to follow the time deadline. In general, it is advisable to have a service performed at least once a year. Modern cars are often equipped with on-board computers that issue a warning when it’s time to service. Keep an eye out for these alertsas ignoring them could lead to higher costs in the future.

Car coupon: what it is, deadlines and costs

Costs | Car coupon

The cost of a car service can vary considerably based on several factors. These include the model and engine size of the vehicle, the type of work required and the workshop carrying out the work. Usually, going to a workshop authorized by the manufacturer involves higher costs, but guarantees a high quality service, with specialized personnel, original spare parts and detailed checks. On the other hand, by choosing an independent workshop, it is possible to save around 20% compared to the costs of the official workshop. However, it is important to be careful in selecting a workshop, making sure you are using competent and reliable professionals.

Car coupon: what it is, deadlines and costs

Billing and conclusions

Regardless of which workshop you choose, it is essential to always request an invoice for the car coupon. This document is not only essential for ethical reasons, but also because it provides a detailed record of the interventions performed. In the future, when you decide to sell the vehicle, having full service records will be an important advantage.

In conclusion, The car service is a fundamental aspect of the maintenance of your vehicle. Although there are no mandatory checks or penalties for its implementation, neglecting it can lead to costly and dangerous problems in the long run. Therefore, take your car maintenance seriously, following the manufacturer’s recommendations and always looking for competent professionals to carry it out. This way, your vehicle will always be in top condition, ensuring safety and reliable performance.

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