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Better manage shipments with the new JUGO Shipping app: what does it consist of and what are the advantages?

In the age of digitalisation and the constant diffusion of increasingly intelligent and high-performance technologies, we cannot help but adapt

The market changes and evolves, and in fact the relationship between supply and demand is taking shape in various forms. E-commerce represents the future from this point of view, regardless of the type of model adopted for their commercial transactions. People are continually challenged and directed to achieve Online shopping of any product, and therefore companies open and expand their respective websites. Fortunately, one was recently launched new app called JUGO Shipping, which is ideal for managing your shipments in whatever sector you operate in. But what is it about e what are the benefits of this app? A useful discussion on this follows.

What does the JUGO Shipping app consist of: how does it work?

The JUGO Shipping app It presents an apparently complex mechanism, but in reality it is very simple for those who have to regularly use this software. In fact, innovation lies in the possibility of organizing in the best possible way a shipment in just 3 clicks. First of all, you have to take a picture to the product or products to be sent, and with any electronic device. Thanks to the sophisticates algorithms integrated by the JUGO Shipping app, the ideal dimensions are calculated for compose the packaging, and therefore a virtual box is generated to suggest the most suitable materials. It will not be necessary to use the help of the tape measure, and precious time will not be wasted in any way. The entire shipping management becomes automatic!

Why it is better to use JUGO Spedizioni

For the reasons described above JUGO Shipping appears as the best among the methodologies for organizing and managing shipments, and without making distinctions based on the business model adopted. The managers of a company can decide how to arrange the logistics service depending on the type of commercial transactions carried out. Who adopts the model Business-to-Consumer (B2C), i.e. when a company sells a product or service directly to the final consumer, it will send – via JUGO Spedizioni – the products purchased by customers on e-commerce at their home.

Those who prefer the model Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), i.e. when consumers sell specific goods or services to other consumers, they will still have the opportunity to manage logistics through JUGO Spedizioni. We cite the case of a famous platform like eBay, where the site plays the crucial role of intermediary to facilitate the transaction between customers (one sells his property, the other buys) and for take care of the shipping. Regardless of which of the two models mentioned is used, it is innovative to use the JUGO Spedizioni app, as the entire process is automated so as to increase performance at reduced costs. In fact, shipping online has never been easier!

JUGO Shipping and the plugin for WooCommerce

On e-commerce sites you can directly install the JUGO Shipping plugin for WooCommerce, so as to guarantee customers access to the best couriers and the price they prefer. The insertion of competitive rates, thanks to the app (or plugin) in question, does not require any calculation procedure. The shopping experience becomes highly personalizedand consumers can select independently insurance, cash on delivery and priority shipping.

This is a level of flexibility never achieved before, and what’s more i documents related to shipping are handled appropriately automatic thanks to the JUGO plugin for WooCommerce, which in fact takes care of the printing process. Finally, managers even have the opportunity to follow all shipments in real time via the WooCommerce order list, monitoring at the same time the various states of each of them.

Ready boxes for sustainable packaging

Since the theme of sustainability is essential nowadays, also and above all for factories, companies and related e-commerce, JUGO Spedizioni is an app designed specifically even from this point of view. The news is that they can buy directly the scatole eco-friendly online on the platform of JUICE, and each one includes in the price a green ribbon, some bubble wrap to save objects and a document envelope. This is yet another advantage for better logistics management, but above all by doing so you contribute to save nature!