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Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner and work less

Let’s find out together in this article why buy a robot vacuum cleaner and automate some boring operations

In the field of latest generation household appliances, which are smarter and have a series of remote control functions, robot vacuum cleaners are a real revolution.

The market is full of “basic” models: essentially, it’s been around 10 years since some of the big vacuum cleaner brands released their first models, but the absence of some main functions cutting edge has delayed their popularity.

Since their debut, however, evolution has been constant: the first generation of robot vacuum cleaners already had the ambition of simplifying people’s lives, but that’s with later versions that we have witnessed notable improvements in terms of effectiveness, autonomy and final result.

Let’s see together why buy a robot vacuum cleaner and automate some tedious tasks.

How to choose a good robot vacuum cleaner

Choose a good robot vacuum cleaner capable of pass independently through the rooms of our home It’s simpler than expected. However, it is important to focus on some key aspects, so as to identify the model that is right for us.

Here is a detailed mini-guide to help you make your choice.

Design e Form Factor

The design and form factor of a robot do not have purely aesthetic functions: for example, the rectangular ones have been replaced by circular ones, with rotating brushes located on the sides which have the task of picking up the dust and bringing it to the centre, where it find the suction nozzle that actually sucks up dirt and debris.

The dimensions and weight must also be kept in mind: the height is important if you have suspended furniture, the weight is fundamental if you have a house on several floors or levels.


The autonomy of a robot vacuum cleaner is determined by the life of its battery, which also varies based on the power with which you want to vacuum. A high autonomy allows you to cover larger surfaces without the need for intermediate recharging, making the device more efficient, especially in large homes. Charging time is also important to consider: some advanced models offer fast charging systems or the ability to automatically return to the charging base when the battery is low, and then resume work where they left off.

For better or for worse, thanks to the charging base, all models are now intelligent to the point of returning to recharge when necessary and resuming work if interrupted halfway.

Technical performance and power

Technical performance and power are two fundamental aspects to guarantee real cleaning. Suction power, measured in watts, directly affects the robot’s ability to remove dirt and debris. However, greater power can negatively affect the autonomy of the device. Evaluating the type of surface to be cleaned (hard floors, carpets, etc.) can help you choose the model with the most suitable performance. We’ll talk more about it in the next chapter dedicated to wattage and power.

App with remote controls

Almost all modern robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with smartphone apps that offer remote control of the device. These apps, thanks to WiFi connectivity, can include features such as cleaning scheduling, room mapping, and real-time monitoring. The ability to control the robot remotely adds a level of convenience and customization, allowing you to tailor cleaning sessions to your daily needs.

Service and maintenance centers

Last but not least, it is crucial to consider the availability of a reliable service center. Even the best robot vacuum cleaner may need maintenance or repairs. Checking for responsive customer service and options for maintenance or parts replacement can make a difference in the life and effectiveness of your investment.

How many watts should a good robot vacuum cleaner have?

When evaluating the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner, one of the technical parameters often examined is the power, expressed in watt (W). Power is commonly associated with the appliance’s ability to effectively suck up debris and dirt. However, in the context of robot vacuum cleaners, the issue of power must be considered with a more nuanced approach.

Generally speaking, a higher wattage indicates a greater suction capacity. This means that a device with a high power should theoretically be able to remove dirt more effectively than one with a lower power. In the case of robots, however, wattage is not the only crucial element.

In the technical specifications of the robots, the Pascal number (Pa) is mainly indicated, i.e. the pressure exerted by a robot vacuum cleaner during the suction process. In simple terms, they indicate the force with which the device is capable of sucking air, dust and small debris. A high Pascal value suggests that the robot has powerful suction capacity, making it more effective at cleaning surfaces and carpets.

In the context of robot vacuum cleaners, i Pascal they are a direct indicator of the cleaning efficiency of the device. A vacuum cleaner that operates with a high suction pressure (measured in a higher number of Pascals) will theoretically be able to remove more stubborn dirt and smaller particles from crevices and carpet fibers. This is particularly important in pet environments, where hair and dander tend to find their way onto surfaces that are difficult to clean.

High-end robots have approx 6.000 Pascalthose in the medium and low range starting from 3.000 Pa.

How many years does this appliance last on average?

We Italians are a little reluctant to change habits, especially those consolidated within the home. But those who have decided to try a robot vacuum cleaner are unlikely to go back. However, it is important to purchase a product made by a reliable and well-known brandcapable of guaranteeing assistance in the short and long term.

In agreement with this guide to the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2024, these are all reliable brands:

  • iRobot roomba
  • Ecovacs
  • Cecotec
  • Dreaming
  • Roborock
  • Proscenic

The lifespan of a robot vacuum cleaner depends significantly on the quality of the device and the maintenance it receives. Investing in a good model and dedicating some time to taking care of it can make the difference, guaranteeing years of efficient cleaning and reducing the number of service interventions as much as possible.

By adopting these maintenance practices, not only that the life of the robot vacuum cleaner is extendedbut also ensures that it continues to perform to the best of its ability, making household cleaning less tiring and more enjoyable.

Here is a series of good practices for carrying out maintenance on robots, extending their average life.

Regular cleaning

The first and most fundamental step to keep your robot vacuum cleaner in good condition is regular cleaning. After each use, it is advisable to empty the dust container and clean the filters. This prevents dirt buildup which can reduce suction efficiency and overload the motor.

Check and clean the brushes

The brushes are vital parts of the robot vacuum cleaner, as they come into direct contact with the surfaces to be cleaned. Hair, pet hair and other debris can get wrapped around the brushes, preventing them from working properly. Checking and cleaning the brushes regularly (generally once a week) is essential to maintaining a good level of cleanliness.

Replacement of consumable parts

Some parts of the robot vacuum cleaner are considered consumables and need to be replaced periodically. The parts that need to be replaced frequently are filters, side brushes and, in some cases, the battery.

It is important to consult the instruction manual or rely on the app, which tells us exactly the percentage level of wear of the various components.

Clean the sensors and wheels

Sensors help the robot navigate its home environment, avoiding obstacles and stairs. Dust accumulated on sensors can compromise their accuracy, leading to unpredictable device behavior. Gently cleaning the sensors with a soft cloth can prevent these problems. Similarly, it is important to check and clean the wheels to ensure that the robot moves freely.

Once you have chosen a good robot vacuum cleaner or floor cleaner it’s really hard to go back. If the product is in line with our needs and those of our home, we have the pleasure of living in a clean environment with the minimum possible effort.

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