Moss: Book 2 has a release date for PSVR

PPolyarc has officially unveiled the release date of the expected Moss: Book 2, which is scheduled to debut in spring 2022 for PSVR

In spite of what could be superficial considerations, the panorama of videogame productions in the smell of virtual reality is very prolific, as well as full of decidedly interesting titles. Among the most anticipated games, in this sense, it is difficult not to count Moss: Book 2, the continuation of the adventures of the mouse Quill, the development of which is planned exclusively (at least for the moment) for PSVR. Well, after the official announcement of the start of the works, today comes the confirmation of the long-awaited release date, which was revealed by Polyarc through a tasty trailer.

Moss: Book 2 arrives in spring 2022 for PSVR

The video in question, which as always we propose in the news, offers us a little taste of what will be the story of this sequel, as well as providing a glimpse into the direct interaction the player will have with Quill. Our little heroine, this time, will be hunted down by a tyrant, inside the same castle already seen in the acclaimed 2018 title. It will be up to us to help her escape from this terrible threat, but to find out the way we must necessarily wait for next spring.

At the heart of the gameplay of Moss: Book 2, of course, we will find one series of puzzles, which will need the active collaboration between Quill and the player. Of course, there will also be new characters, who will join some old acquaintances.

As mentioned, the title is expected in exclusive to PSVR, but given what happened with the previous episode and its free DLC, a subsequent port for PC viewers it is certainly not to be excluded.

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