BEZIOR M26: a folding electric bike that speeds at 30 Km / h

We present BEZIOR M26, a very practical and light folding electric bike that will allow you to whiz around the city effortlessly with speeds up to 30 Km / h, difficult to reach on foot

Electric bikes are slowly spreading to cities. In fact they are an ecological means of transport, but nevertheless able to provide at least a support to the cyclist, especially when he has to cover long distances and cannot afford to arrive all sweaty. But this BEZIOR M26 electric bike offers something more: in fact it is foldable! This can greatly facilitate those who want to take it on a trip, for example. But there is also a second advantage: the cost of an electric bike is on average higher than that of a normal bike. Then the risk of it being stolen is higher. Since BEZIOR M26 is foldable you can take it with you to the office and store it in a corner or in the closet so as to avoid leaving it on the street. Among other things, it is possible to buy it right now with a discount of 20 dollars on the list price. which drops to 899.99 euros.

BEZIOR M26: a folding electric bike that speeds at 30 Km / h

BEZIOR M26: light and functional folding electric bike

Let’s take a look at the features of this BEZIOR M26 electric bike. As the name suggests, the bike tires measure 26 inches, while the whole bike measures 177 x 82 x 104 cm (unfolded) and 103 x 37 x 104 cm folded for a weight of about 25 kilos. The engine delivers a power of 500 W which allows you to travel up to a speed of 30 km / h. Thanks also to the large 48V 10Ah battery they can be traveled up to 40km on a full charge and only takes 4 hours to fully charge. Basically you can recharge it in the evening for the next morning without problems!

The bike is made of aluminum with a very good 21-speed Shimano gearbox that allows you to adapt to the most disparate places and driving styles. In fact the motor can easily overcome slopes up to 25 degrees with a maximum load of 15o Kg. This BEZIOR M26 folding electric bike is also equipped with lights to increase safety and visibility. We also find a convenient LCD display which shows us in real time the speed and battery level, as well as the gear currently engaged. Possible breakdowns and kilometers traveled are also marked.

In short, it is certainly a good product on paper that combines the convenience of a motor vehicle with the ecological advantages of a bike. From the electronic section that’s all! Keep following us!

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