BEZIOR S500 Max: a respectable electric scooter

The electric scooter, between joys and sorrows, is colonizing our cities. It is a simple to use and environmentally friendly vehicle, like this BEZIOR S500 Max which offers a number of outstanding features

The electric scooter is a much discussed means of transport lately, especially for safety issues. But all this is due to the great success that this medium is having among the people for cover the so-called “last mile”, i.e. short-medium distances between points of interest in cities. For example from the train station to the place of study or work. The electric scooter in fact very often it is faster and more efficient than public transport because it allows you to quickly reach any point of the city without having to organize connections. The model we present to you today is BEZIOR S500 Max, an excellent companion for those who travel to the city.

BEZIOR S500 Max: a respectable electric scooter

BEZIOR S500 Max: electric scooter is foldable, yet powerful

This electric scooter attempts to combine ergonomics with power. In fact it is a foldable model in just 3 seconds to reduce the clutter and load it on the train or take it to the office. But it is also equipped with a 500 W motor that can push the vehicle up to 35 km / h. In particular BEZIOR S500 Max offers 3 driving modes that limit the speed to 15, 25 and 35 km / h respectively to be selected via the Bluetooth app in order to adapt the pace to the environment you frequent. On the handlebar there are the levers dedisc brakes equipped with E-ABS and an LCD display which shows for example the charging level and the current speed.

The 48V / 15A battery of the BEZIOR S500 Max allows an autonomy of about 40-50 km, great for short distances. Full charging takes about 6-7 hours so you can comfortably recharge overnight while you sleep or on the weekend. The wheels are 10 inches, so you can travel comfortably even on somewhat rough terrain such as the stone-paved ones of historic centers. The body is made of aluminum to give strength and lightness e it can hold up to 120 kg of weight with a mass of about 20 kg. For safety, in addition to the aforementioned disc brakes, we also have a front light 2 W which can remain on for about 125 hours without affecting the autonomy of the vehicle e a rear light red signal that also signals braking. It also enjoys IPX4 protection and is therefore resistant to splashes of water and can be used in the rain.

Price and availability

BEZIOR S500 Max is available on GOGO BEST at the price of 499,99 euro, but you can get it a discount of 30 euros by entering the promotional code “P6CZFNWDM1MS”. If you want a comfortable vehicle to use as soon as you get off the train or to reach the nearby workplace in a comfortable and quick way, consider purchasing it! That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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