Big Brain Academy: Sfida tra menti, la nostra prova su Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds, our test on Nintendo Switch

Arrives these days on the shelves Big Brain Academy: Challenge of minds, new chapter of the franchise Nintendo that tests the brains of gamers. A title that debuts just in time for the holidays and that we are sure will make young and old happy on winter days. After trying it in preview, we were definitely thrilled by the project, which is confirmed as fun and at the same time challenging. Let’s see why together.

Big Brain Academy: Challenge between minds, between puzzles and challenges

This new title for Nintendo Switch sees the Prof. Bilancini to guide us in a series of mini-games designed to test various characteristics of our brain. The various exercises are aimed at testing our abilities from the point of view ofIntuition, of the Memory, dell’Analyses, dell’Algebra and of Perception.

We will have the opportunity to face them in different modes in single. We will find exercises that daily will allow us to work our minds and improve our skills in various areas. It starts from Stretching Mentale, in which we can select the minigame to tackle for a more specific workout, and then switch to mode Examination. Here we will have to test each area of ​​our brain, and then receive a total evaluation. A way to check the progress made, but also to earn coins to unlock new outfits of our avatar.

As you can guess from the title of the game, however, a great deal of attention in Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds is paid precisely to the area multiplayer. First of all, we have an online mode, in which we will be able to face other players asynchronously. In the Phantom Challenges in fact we will be called to beat the best scores of our friends or other fans around the world.

And then, we come to the way that will conquer families under the tree, that is Party. Here up to four players will be able to face each other locally, in a battle in the last minigame, to be able to triumph. As we will see later, it is a decidedly balanced mode, which allows everyone to have fun and want keep playing indefinitely. We can already imagine children, grandparents, uncles and parents competing in front of the TV, between a slice of pandoro and another.

The key is the balance between commitment and fun

What really struck us in the Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds test is how much care has been taken in creating a title that is yes challenging, but never exceeding the frustrating. The different mini-games in the individual mode start from the simpler mode, and then slowly increase the difficulty after several correct answers, except to decrease it when we are too wrong.

The result is therefore that every game makes us slowly approach our current limit, making us strive to overcome it. We are automatically led to increase the pace and be able to obtain better and better results. At the same time, however, the difficulty never exceeds a “guard level”: it is as if we continue to run towards a goal that is always within our reach. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

And when we start to get really good, we also have the option to take a shot and switch to a more challenging mode. Here we will find ourselves facing the minigames starting immediately from a higher difficulty level, raising the bar. Here too, however, there remains a challenge that engages without ever being annoying, keeping us glued to the game, because we feel we can do better every time.

To certify everything there is then theExamination. Having the opportunity to actually check your progress, with a more detailed analysis of our abilities in the various areas trained by the title is very useful. It is a way to give continuity to our games, keeping track of how much training is bearing fruit. All with simple and colorful graphics, which make the game easier even for the little ones.

Big Brain Academy: Challenge between minds in the family and beyond

big brain academy challenge between minds test

The key feature is then the mode Party. Here we can organize local matches between up to four players on the TV or two on the console screen in portable mode. Everything is carefully designed to make them perfectly balanced, from many points of view.

For example, each of the players can select one specific difficulty for minigames. In this way adults and children, but also Big Brain Academy experts: Challenge between minds and newbies, can play totally equal. Not only that, but also during the game they will intervene several gimmicks to allow you to maintain a balance in the trend.

For example, the choice of the minigame is entrusted from time to time to the player with fewer points on the total. In this way he can try to gain advantage, selecting a challenge in which he is more inclined than the opponents. Also, when there is too much gap between the challengers, the game offers the possibility of get a substantial bonus to those at the bottom of the ranking. A system that allows you to avoid the “Okay, now I have lost it makes no sense to continue” and to do too exciting recoveries at the photo finish.

Big Brain Academy: Challenge of minds it is therefore an absolutely valid title, which offers didactic and educational ideas and at the same time is a lot of fun. We are sure that under the tree he will be able to make a great impression, opening the door to heated challenges between family and friends, to the latest puzzle.

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